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Fistful of Brains

In the late 1800s, a small dusty town in the mountains of North Carolina gets caught in a vicious battle between two brothers. One is the leader of a mysterious group of people that lives deep in the woods and the other is a snake oil salesman. All of the sudden the towns cattle are being ravaged and mutilated. Is there a wolf around? What else could be killing them all off ?

Sheriff TW is one cocky son of a bitch that won’t hesitate to pull his gun on your ass as Jack finds out after he spills booze down Lilly’s dress. TW is a little rough on his words and doesn’t mince them for anyone, not even his daughter Lilly. They all suspect that the people in the woods are the ones who are  killing off the cattle but don’t know for sure. TW is planted on the bar stool again when Deputy Dan comes in with the bad news.

Dan cuts off a heated argument between TW and Miss Daisy saying they needed to do something about these cows before it’s too late. Corny Pastor Jones shows up and he likes to show anyone or thing just how great god can be. People in town have just bought this elixir from Deadeye McSlain and what was supposed to heal them is definitely killing them instead.

Will this town be taken over by rotting animated corpses? Or will they figure out how to remedy this situation? I didn’t expect to like this movie half as much as I did. I would have to say that it was one of the best indie zombie movies I have ever seen. Christine Parker should be proud of this film. You’ll like the story, characters, and the spaghetti western inspired set was cool as hell! If you enjoy independent horror, Fistful of Brains should be the next thing you put on your to do list.

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  1. This is a very cool movie and the next one is going to be even better A Few Brains More Summer of Blood. coming to a town near you.

  2. Incredibly funny for a zombie movie. Special effects are as gory as to be expected and pretty high quality considering it's an indie film. Lead actress rocks–gotta love her! Jack is a hottie. Those two make an incredible on-screen couple! Bring them back in the next film!

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