Chicago Zombie March 2009

So this past weekend, Saturday to be specific, Chicago saw its annual Zombie March. This year the turnout was great with almost 1200 in attendance. This was the first time I actually saw the zombie march. Last year I had missed the march simply because I was out of town, but Im glad I went this year!

The march started out at Millennium Park, then went to Navy Pier and ended in Millennium Park again, right in the middle of downtown. Horror Society was there from the middle of the march, picking up some stragglers on the way to the Pier, until the very end. By the time we got to the Pier, the march was on! Hundreds of zombies in all sorts outfits marched along the sidewalk up Grand Ave from Navy Pier. Some holding sings demanding “Zombie Rights”, and others just strolling along, holding a few limbs and bloody entrails along the way.

The march was led by Colleen Jones, David Lasley, as well as Along the route we witnessed some great costumes, get-ups, and some extra bloody participants.

Everyone was in great spirits for this and the weather held out making this an enjoyable Zombie Filled Day. I cant wait for next year!

Check out the photo gallery of the event here!

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colleen says:

actually the march had started at millennium park

Mitchell Wells DrGore says:

Oh yeah, my bad! Guess we got there real late then huh. I thought everyone gathered at Navy Pier first. OOPS

joey says:

I cant get the photo gallery to load. Is there a lo-fi version?

Mitchell Wells DrGore says:

The gallery is going through a re-work of sorts and it will be ready soon, sorry!

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