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The Green Monster

The Green Monster

DIRECTED BY: Bryan Roberts and Nolan Ball
REVIEWED BY: Mario Dominick

The young ambitious filmmakers of Untold Horror in association with Pete Jacelone’s Screamkings/THR Productions, and working from a script by Trevor Wright (Sculpture), bring us The Green Monster, a low budget gorefest that, in a most delightful manner, proves itself to be a very well done homage to ’80s camp horror.

The Green Monster stars Edward X. Young and Colleen Cohan as Gerald and Molly, a couple who run a convenient store who also happen to be harboring a very dark, gruesome secret. A group of dumb kids get together to do some partying in town one night. People begin disappearing at the convenient store and it appears that Gerald and Molly are using a green dumpster behind their store to harvest something very horrific. Blood, guts, dismemberment, cannibalism, and more mayhem ensues as bodies pile up and the authorities try to make sense out of what’s going down.

The Green Monster is a very tongue-in-cheek and fun gorefest that very nicely pays tribute to not only classic cannibal horror comedies of the ’80s like Motel Hell and Blood Diner like its promo materials suggest but also to movies like Parents and Blood Salvage and it also incorporates set designs similar to that of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre and more recent mainstream horror like Saw.

Marv Blauvelt (Beef, Sculpture, Hypochondriac, Terror Overload, etc.) plays a town sheriff. Bethany Taylor (Frat House Massacre) also stars.

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