Basement Sublet of Horror

Review: Basement Sublet of Horror. By Brian Kirst

“Well, that’s something to consider alright. You may not get married!” – Teenagers from Outer Space episode of Basement

Elegantly and energetically hosted by Gunther Dedmond (Joel Sanderson), The Basement Sublet of Horror combines the energy of atomic age suburbia with some demented editing skills.

Sanderson takes the function of the local horror host (here, local equals Lawrence, Kansas) to insanely inventive levels by chopping up and incorporating ancient, plaid skirted school films and Cold War propaganda into the public domain horror and science fiction films that he features in each episode.
The awkwardness of first love and dating is highlighted in the clips decorating the “Last Woman on Earth’ episode while the importance of Home Economics (vital even when living in a trailer, of course!) is examined, humorously, in “Teenagers from Outer Space”.

The Basement is further highlighted by Sanderson’s acting skills (his Dedmond is a clipped toned, gesturing delight) and the inventive original music that plays in the show’s introduction and various segment breaks.

Written by BrianK

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