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Taking the Punch with Muscle Wolf Productions. By Brian Kirst

Terror Overloads Marv Blauvelt is going into hyper drive with the founding of Muscle Wolf Productions an entity that famed screen queen Brooke Lewis is referring to as ├ČThe Chippendales of Horror.

Composed of body builder actors such as Lethal Obsessions Austin Dossey, Lewis Michael Partipilo and Sculptures David Gilkey along with spokeswoman Deneen Melody (Comic Book Divas, Slices of Life, Serial: Girls Night Out), Muscle Wolf is pushing out their gore stained abdominals with such upcoming product as the highly regarded Sculpture and the anticipated anthology Psycho Street. Blauvelt is also eager to get the ball rolling on such new Muscle Wolf product as a werewolf epic (with all deference to the King, Paul Naschy) and wants to let the supportive scare community know that his  taut n ready guys  are available for other producers exciting and original horror productions, as well.

Photos of the Muscle Wolf men (and solitary princess) can be located at Marv Blauvelts Facebook page. The Muscle Wolf gang will also be out in full force at Fright Night Film Festival in Louisville, KY on July 30th through August 1st.

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  • marv

    Thanks for the great announcement Brian….as always, you guys at Horror Society are the absolute best…and thanks for running the great photo of one of our new actors/bodybuilders Jared Degado….see you at some of the club/convention/festival appearances….MB

  • Steve

    Why is your site associated with a gay porno performer? This guy has done some pretty dusgusting and vulgar sexual acts on dvd and loads of internet sites.

    • DrGore

      Well I am not aware of anything he or any of these guys, have done in the past, and that really doesnt matter to me at all.

  • Steve

    If it was past you could possible overlook it but it's still current. Google Vince Ferelli and you will see multiple sites from transexuals/gay/bdsm/str8 he is working/worked for.

  • marv

    Whatever my actors/actresses/associates have done or are doing (unless it is illegal) has nothing at all to do with the cutting edge/well written and well executed horror films that we are currently making and plan to make in the future….I suggest that if anyone has a problem with any of my actors/actresses/associates or myself just dont watch the films produced by Muscle Wolf….it is as simple as that!….Marv

    • Psy-Ko

      Jeez I wish I could "thumbs up" your post more then once! If I watch this guy in Psycho Street or Sculpture, well then thats the movie I'm watching, not some other one he's been in. One of my favorite actors in horror is Stephen Geoffreys and it doesn't bother me the films he did, why should it bother me what this guy has done or is doing? Many of the scream queens started out in porn so why is this any different? The male population has had many years of eye candy in horror movies, nothing wrong with a little eye candy for the females as well. Look forward to meeting the Muscle Wolf guys at Blood on the Beach next April :)

  • DrGore

    Well put Marv.

  • Jason

    You know … this whole stream is upsetting.

    First … before anyone casts any judgement, they should get to know the person they are judging. Jared is absolutely one of the most genuine and pleasant people you will ever meet … a very rare thing today. He has done nothing illegal or immoral. These are all consenting adults … no one is being hurt. So, if there is no victim … how can it be immoral? It may not suit some peoples' tastes … so be it. Even horror films don't suit some peoples' tastes.

    Second … if we are going to slam Horror Society for running this material … they should pull any and all mention of "Zombie Strippers" off of their site … Jenna Jameson is still in the game. Furthermore … any mention of mainstream films with Traci Lord should be pulled too. Even Sylvester Stallone started in adult film. Paris Hilton needs to be taken off too … which means no mention of "Repo! The Genetic Opera" or "House of Wax".

    I hope the ridiculousness of this arguement is evident. If there is something you personally don't like … don't watch it. But, don't attack people you don't know simply because they live a life different from yours.

  • Andrew Rose

    I wonder if it's only disgusting and vulgar to Steve because it is gay porn?

    I don't watch porn. I watch horror. If Jared AKA Vince does porn, regardless of the genre, I seriously doubt I'll ever see it.

    I don't really care what actors do to earn a living.

  • Don Normann

    Sounds like Steve has quite the personal problem to me. Not to mention..did he ever think anyone would call into question HOW he came to know this guy has an alter-ego named “Vince Ferelli”? So, what, Steve, you just “HAPPENED” to stumble on this material while you were online? Or was that while you were online at the nearest video site, downloading the clips that contain these “disgusting acts”? Riiiiight…and I will also believe it when you tell me that the check’s in the mail, you promise that you won’t use your teeth, and this will only hurt just a LITTLE bit. Give me a fuckin’ break.

    One of the things I love about the horror community is the level of acceptance and lack of judgmental prudishness that permeates the rest of “POLITE” society. People like Steve love to pick and choose who they deem to be “immoral”. Or was he front and center protesting the efforts of both Ginger Lynn Allen and Traci Elizabeth Lords when they tried to break into the mainstream as well? Somehow, I doubt it. And if your were, then your dad REALLY made a mistake by not pulling out and aiming for your mother’s thigh instead.

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