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Muscle Wolf Productions

Taking the Punch with Muscle Wolf Productions. By Brian Kirst

Terror Overloads Marv Blauvelt is going into hyper drive with the founding of Muscle Wolf Productions an entity that famed screen queen Brooke Lewis is referring to as ìThe Chippendales of Horror.

Composed of body builder actors such as Lethal Obsessions Austin Dossey, Lewis Michael Partipilo and Sculptures David Gilkey along with spokeswoman Deneen Melody (Comic Book Divas, Slices of Life, Serial: Girls Night Out), Muscle Wolf is pushing out their gore stained abdominals with such upcoming product as the highly regarded Sculpture and the anticipated anthology Psycho Street. Blauvelt is also eager to get the ball rolling on such new Muscle Wolf product as a werewolf epic (with all deference to the King, Paul Naschy) and wants to let the supportive scare community know that his  taut n ready guys  are available for other producers exciting and original horror productions, as well.

Photos of the Muscle Wolf men (and solitary princess) can be located at Marv Blauvelts Facebook page. The Muscle Wolf gang will also be out in full force at Fright Night Film Festival in Louisville, KY on July 30th through August 1st.

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