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Horror Sells: Your Weekly Horror Sales Update

Interesting week for the Box Office in terms of horror and scifi films. Firstly, it seems that The Roommate was pulled from theatres, as it doesn’t appear on the list at all after coming in at #19 last week. Also, The Rite, Harry Potter, and Chronicles of Gnaria didn’t pull in enough money this week for me to feel the need to comment on them. But, the Japanese horror film, I Saw The Dead, did move up a couple spots and another independent film, Black Death, benefited from a small premier.

  • 1 Battle: Los Angeles $46,001,000
  • 3 Red Riding Hood $18,707,000
  • 7 3 Beastly $7,095,000 (Total: $18,985,000)
  • 12 9 I Am Number Four $3,406,000 (Total: $51,601,000)
  • 20 15 Black Swan $641,000 (Total: $106,124,000)
  • 48 54 I Saw The Devil $17,431 (Total: $39,033)
  • 55 Black Death $10,182

Horror films continue their slow death as they continue to drop down the Top 30 DVD chart. Nothing new or interesting this week.

  • 20 14 Paranormal Activity 2 $817,000 (Total: $12,102,000)
  • 25 29 Saw 3D: The Final Chapter $516,000 (Total: $8,963,000)
  • 29 30 Let Me In $402,000 (Total: $5,673,000)

Ghost Hunters is still the reigning scifi/horror show on television, but Face Off did reach a season high on its first season finale. SyFy has already renewed Face Off for season two.

  • Ghost Hunters – 1,690,000
  • Face Off – 1,494,000
  • Being Human – 1,370,000


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