A while back I posted an article here at HS letting readers know that Adam Ahlbrandt was shooting his new horror film, Crossbearer, in Pennsylvania. He was shooting some scenes inside a strip club, if I remember correctly. Its been some time since I heard about Crossbearer, so I decided to search and see if they have an official facebook – which they do! You can check it out here. There’s some pretty good information on there, including a sneak peek of the film that happened this week. Too bad I missed it! Here’s the plot, which I’m taking straight from their facebook page:

“Boys and Girls: Jesus is checking His list and checking it twice! He knows for truth that you all have been naughty, and so few of you nice…Get down on your knees, clasp your hands in prayer. Listen now close, for the sound of his Hammer as it whistles through the air. A crack and a squish sound all through the halls, as your blaspheming brains end up on the walls.”

Ok, well, I guess that’s more of a jingle for the film than it is a summary, but you can get the picture. A man, going around in the name of God, is hacking and slashing his way through the naughty, unclean folks in town. From what I’ve heard or read previously, he’s mostly going after whores, strippers and drug dealers. This is Adam Ahlbrandt’s third film and will feature gore effects by Doug Sakmann. It will star Natalie Jean, Isaac Williams, Kacie Bernstiel, and Julia Campbell.

I’m actually going to put this on my “must see” list for now. I’m pretty psyched from what I’ve seen and read so far. Until it comes out, check out some stills and shots from the making of Crossbearer. All of these and more can be found here. It’s pretty sweet because they have a mix of actual stills from the film and behind the scenes pictures.


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