Last week’s clue for Where Are They Now was, “unicorn.” I know it wasn’t the best clue ever, but some really in-depth horror buffs would have recognized the importance of unicorn in the original Black Christmas. The character of Barb, played by Margot Kidder, was sent to the big shot glass in the sky in this Canadian horror film when she was brutally stabbed to death with a glass unicorn. Black Christmas is one of many important films in horror movie history because, popular to contrary belief, it could be considered one of the first, if not the first, slasher films. It came out 4 years before Halloween. In Black Christmas, a sorority house receives menacing phone calls from someone they call, “the moaner.” Little do they realize, the moaner is actually a serial killer and is preying on the sisters and surrounding town this Christmas.

While not one of the most monumental roles in horror history, Barb’s death is semi-reminscent to Judith Myers death in Halloween. Very raw, very shocking, very surprising. This is why I picked Margot Kidder as this week’s Where Are They Now. So, what has she been up to since then?

Well, she’s been all over the place – and I mean that in a good way. Firstly, she booked the role as Lois Lane in four original Superman films. In between filming the first two films, she was able to star in another huge early horror film – The Amityville Horror. Next, she made sporadic appearances on popular television shows such as Tales From The Crypt, Murder She Wrote, Touched By An Angel, La Femme Nikita, The Outer Limits, Law and Order SVU, Smallville, and The L Word. She managed to stay somewhat active in the horror genre, appearing in such films as Shadowzone: My Teacher Ate My Homework, Nightmare Man, The Clown At Midnight, Someone Is Watching, and Something Evil Comes.

Her most recent work in the horror field is a small role in Rob Zombie’s Halloween II. She continues to act in independent features and other small television appearances. Hopefully she’ll dip back into the screams and gore of horror film again sometime soon!


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