Murder Machine!

DIRECTED BY: Ritch Yarber
REVIEWED BY: Mario Dominick

Ritch Yarber and Twisted Spine Films, the indie gurus from Ohio who have given us The Deep Dark Woods and Transylvania Police Monster Squad have finally presented viewers with their most anticipated film, Murder Machine!

Murder Machine! features a rampaging psychotic killer who’s trying to become a real life version of a character in a popular slasher series. The psycho finds himself in a small town and when the police apprehend him after he slaughters an entire family, the town sheriff who made the arrest is soon plagued by a past he wants to forget. Turns out the sheriff was a respected movie stuntman and actor before he quit and went into law enforcement and his old agent comes begging him to make a comeback in the “Murder Machine!” series. FBI agents come to the sheriff’s department demanding that the out-of-control psycho be handed over to them to take into custody. After the sheriff hands him over to the federal agents thinking they’ll take care of it and the nightmare is over, the maniac kills them and breaks free going on a blood-drenched killing spree. It’s now up to the sheriff to become like the hero character he played in the “Murder Machine!” series and go up against the maniac and battle for the crown of “Murder Machine!”

Murder Machine! is a very fun and entertaining micro budget slasher pic with some cool stunt and special effects work, a decent body count, and a very intense performance from the lead actor. It’s definitely Twisted Spine’s most professional production to date. I’m interested in seeing what they bring us next.

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