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Up for some late night reading? (or an early morning coffee read, depending when you see this.) Well, look no further because I bring you an interview with the one and only Jonathan Moody. He is one of horror’s most celebrated newcomers, with horror films Scream Queen Campfire and Trick or Eat, and the web-series Echo Lake being some of the most anticipated horror projects of 2011-2012. In Part 1 of the interview Jonathan and I will explore Scream Queen Campfire as it creeps towards production. Check out the interview below to read the inner workings of the director, writer, producer, and actor Jonathan Moody and see where Scream Queen Campfire stands today.

You are one of the many directors attached to Scream Queen Campfire. There are six of you. Each of you will be directing several pieces of the puzzle that make up Scream Queen Campfire. Are you going to sit in on each other’s minifilms? How is the dynamic going to work?

Yes there are 6 segments so 6 directors are planned. Unfortunately some of the segments people planned to take on will be changed. We are doing it as an anthology series now not as a web-series. So we are changing it a bit. But yes as producer I will be there supervising the whole thing. Our plan is to shoot it every week and then take some time off and move to the next one. And as for the dynamic; it’s going to kick ass. We have some strong guns coming in to make sure this movie gets everything it needs to rock out.

You have also written the majority of the vignettes for the film. Where did the idea to do an anthology type film come from? Where did the ideas for the individual vignettes come from?

I may be dating myself here, but I remember when Are You Afraid of the Dark came out when I was a kid. I loved that show. I wanted to do a new version of it. But instead I decided to do my own anthology inspired by the series. So that’s where my love came from. Don’t get me wrong I love shows like Tales from the Crypt, Tales from the Darkside, and even love the movie The Willies. If anything this is my version of The Willies told by me!

Another role you have with Scream Queen Campfire is an acting part in “The Closet.” How do you rate acting when compared to writing/directing?

It was weird. Seeing a whole crew take your script and actually make it right. The coolest part was working with Terry Jernigan who directed the piece. He was able to take my vision and get it done the proper way. I love to act in fact that’s one of the things I treasure, but I never went to school for it, I never read books, in fact, I wouldn’t think of me as a fantastic actor (watch Valentines Prey to see that LOL) but I do love to act and be another person. I just might need some help to becoming better!

Filming has already taken place for a teaser trailer called “Scream Queen Campfire: Marshmallows and Blood”. Were you involved with that filming? Can we expect the teaser soon?

I was very involved in the filming. I was originally the director but gave directing duties over to my friend John Regan (of Sherwood Horror fame) who did a fantastic job re-writing and directing the movie. We both co wrote it but he was the majority of it. It was a short piece that Matt Lockhart (director/producer of The Watermen) helped us do. And I couldn’t thank him enough. Sierra Holmes was amazing to work with and, just like the show, she’s just as sweet. The teaser will be finished as soon as we can. We are projecting sometime in July but can’t give a date just yet.

The Campfire and Black Out are the two parts you will be filming. So you’re lucky enough to work with Kaylee Williams, DaNae West, Faron Brown, and many others. Are you excited?

The Campfire and Black Out will actually be directed by other people. I can’t announce things yet but yeah that’s the plan. You’re the first to hear but things are about to change in a good way. I am very excited to work with so many awesome people. I plan to make that happen.

I know the film is still in preproduction…but, are there any tiny spoilers you can give us? Ya know, “someone gets chopped in half,” or something, anything to satisfy my need to find out more about this film?

Kelsey Zukowski (writer of many of the segments) has some inventive ways to murder people. She is the glue that holds SQC together to be honest. I can say that you can expect some mayhem, LOTS OF BLOOD, and some cool chicks kicking ass. I wish I could I say more but under contract I cannot.

Besides the beyond remarkable cast already lined up, what do you think is another quality that will make Scream Queen Campfire appeal to horror fans?

The humor… My biggest thing is bringing out a really good story and bringing humor into it. A lot of horror short films I’ve seen are too sad or depressing. The way to bring the audience back is through humor. If someone is sad, bring them back. Make one joke.  A lot of writers don’t realize people want to go to a film to be entertained. Entertain them.

Do you have any idea about when filming will take place? Do you have an estimate of when the film will actually be released? (IMDB says Halloween)

IMDB… haha such a funny site. I want to say it’ll film in August. That depends on money. If people wanna contact me personally and help me out my email is and they are more than welcome to help us out but unfortunately films are not easy to make (otherwise you know how many people would be in this business Haha) But you gotta do everything you can to make this the best film ever. So people will see the teaser soon (It was shot on The Red btw VERY BEAUTIFUL LOOKING) and hopefully want to help invest in the project!

All right. I hope you all enjoyed part 1 of my interview with Jonathan Moody. Check out Scream Queen Campfire on Facebook [here]. Also, you can follow him as well [here]. Stay tuned for Part 2 of our interview where we will cover Moody’s Trick or Eat and Echo Lake. And, remember to keep an eye on HorrorSociety for all future updates with this film.

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