The Walking Dead: Episode 5 Preview – Chupacabra


Being a huge fan of “The Walking Dead”, to say I am satisfied with this season thus far would be a terrible, terrible lie.  Being an avid fan of the comic book and SPOILER ALERT the fact they have killed off Otis END SPOILER has so far left a bad taste in my mouth.  With that said, AMC has released some photos  for Episode 5 – “Chupacabra”  I have shown two images which have really peaked my interest, mostly because I feel like I know where both are going and hope this is the beginning of some fast paced action that has been missing recently.

“Concerned for their safety, the group makes a plan – one that Hershel disagrees with adamantly. He makes it clear the group is fine to stay for now, but not indefinitely”.

Fans of the comic (and the TV show) can speculate much like me, but I hope these two pictures are finally heading in the direction I have longed for this season.  Hit the comment section up to discuss what you think these pictures mean.

Source – Seat42F

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  • Misty

    I'm hoping we discover what they are hiding in the barn, if it coincides with the comic. I'm also ready to be over the whole "missing Sophia" plot line. While it's helped give some depth to Daryl's character, the speed needs to pick up a bit for me.

  • The Raven

    I agree, it needs to hurry up and get over with. I am sure Sophia was sleeping in that pantry and Daryl is close to finding her, but I am with you. I am over it. Time to move on and get to some action! Andrea the sharpshooter and I hope to see "Shawn".

  • Michael

    The action needs to definitely pick up. If they haven't found Sophia by the end of this episode, I think it would be safe to assume she is dead. That story needs to finish, its dragging on too long, but gives Reedus' character more depth and strength. He's my fave of the season, and nothing better happen to him!!!

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