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TRASH MOVIE NIGHT featuring Mediatrix and Bikini Bloodbath Christmas

Coming back to LUCKY NUMBER GRILL once again with your monthly dose of TRASH FLIX…. this time around its the HORROR-BLE HOLIDAY EDITION of Trash Movie Night.

We are bringing you 2 more Indie Gems…..

Mediatrix and Bikini Bloodbath Christmas

What better way to celebrate your Holidays!

This time around we will have a special guest on hand… Cory J Udler will be in person for the Chicago Premiere of his new movie, Mediatrix. Along with gobs of great merchandise, Cory will be on hand for a Q&A after the screening. So get your brains filled with questions!

After that we are honored to be screening a B-Movie Masterpiece… Bikini Bloodbath Christmas. What more do you have to say about that one. You know whats coming for that one… boobs, blood, and Debbie Rochon and Lloyd Kaufman!! Now those names alone is worth the ticket price… oh wait….

Its FREE!!

As always, Trash Movie Night will be upstairs at Lucky Number Grill. Doors Open at 9pm, 1st movie will be MEDIATRIX at 9:30pm and BIKINI BLOODBATH CHRISTMAS at Midnight!

Drink Specials will be on hand (hopefully both hands)
Free Popcorn!
Cory Udler’s vendor table
Horror Society’s vendor table
and maybe something elves…. and mean else. :)

Check out the descriptions below!!

The film was written by Paula Duerksen and stars Duerksen as Mary Ann Van Hook, a false spiritualist who, with the help of The Virgin Mary, sets out to right a wrong from her past. Also starring are Kaylee Williams (3 Slices of Life) Shannon Lark (Viscera Film Festival/Fangoria Spooksmodel), Joe Hollow (Cut, Disciples), Tom Lodewyck (Incest Death Squad 1 and 2), Greg Johnson (Incest Death Squad 1 and 2), Michael Katzenberger, Heather Renkin, Matt Ukena, Scott Rawson and Mike Peak.

“The movie took about 17 months from the initial idea to today with the DVD being released”, the director said. The genesis for the story stemmed from a road trip during the filming for Incest Death Squad 2 in May of 2010 with Duerksen and Johnson. “We drove up to Plainfield to see the Ed Gein sights, and then we detoured to the Mediatrix of Peace Shrine in Necedah. My dad and I found that place on a roadtrip when I was a kid. Super creepy place, and it was just begging to be exploited in a sleazy movie.”

Udler says the movie falls into the “exploitation” genre more so than horror. “But then again, I didn’t feel like the Incest (Death Squad) movies were horror, either. They kind of live in the neighborhood, but they’re not a typical horror movie and this one (Mediatrix) is so far out in left field, I even find calling it “exploitation” doesn’t really describe it.”


Lovingly billed as “one of the stupidest film trilogies in history,” the Bikini Bloodbath series is one of the most illegally downloaded low-budget horror film series in history (so buy this third film legit when it comes out – hey, we need the money!).

Bikini Bloodbath Christmas follows the adventures of recent college graduate Jenny (Rachael Robbins), who joins the American workforce by earning a living at Mrs. Johnson’s (Dick Boland) Bikini Bong Shop along with her several gorgeous friends. As luck would have it, Jenny and friends accidentally resurrect the infamous Chef Death during a visit to the graveyard. Chef Death – who terrorized Jenny and her bikini-clad friends in the previous two films – crashes Mrs Johnson’s Christmas party…and the bloodbath begins!

This campy splatter fest is 100% pure brainless fun, and features a cast of horror/comedy veterans including B-Movie Hall of Famer Debbie Rochon, Troma founder Lloyd Kaufman, Playboy model and stand-up comic Rachael Robbins, and cult movie favorites Sheri Lynn, Monique Dupree and Margaret Champagne



Written by Mitchell Wells

Founder and Editor in Chief of Horror Society. Self proclaimed Horror Movie Freak, Tech Geek, love indie films and all around nice kinda guy!!