Sloane Morgan Siegel
Hair: Brown Eyes: Brown D.O.B: 11.22.2000

Sloane is a powerful young actor with more than 30 films in his credits. He’s been a lead 12 times and one of his films just won six Film Festival awards. He’s been in 7 feature films and runs a STARmeter in IMDB between 2000 and 4000. He’s won an IAWTV Award as the lead in the variety series Kids React that gets more than 2 million hits a week. He has a 190 IQ, can deliver 14 accents, does improv like a pro, and can really bring drama to a role. He would love an opportunity to show you what he can do. His website is in case you might like to see some of his work. Other information s below:

My name is Sloane Morgan Siegel. I was born 11/22/2000 in Washington DC, but have been raised in West Virginia. I’m not only a kid, a son, a brother, grandson, cousin, but a nephew and an uncle too. When I was only four years old, I was selected out of more than one thousand children to be a peer model. I was chosen to be the model for handicapped and retarded children and operated as their peer while supporting the teacher like a teacher’s aide. This was really hard work, but it was very rewarding to me as I learned how others who are not as fortunate as I think and act. I was able to see inside their hearts and minds.

This work made me a better person. So I can work with adults and kids alike. My parents and I live on a horse farm in Falling Waters, West Virginia where we rescue animals of all kinds like horses, dogs, cats and other farm creatures.. Soccer is my favorite sport, and I mostly play defense, and I am our defensive captain, but I was put on offense this year and even scored a few goals. I have been taking HIP HOP dancing for two years now and was selected to represent my dancing school at the Monsters of Hip Hop in Reston, VA this year.

There were more than three thousand dancers invited from around the world. I had an opportunity to work with six professional choreographers who taught me a lot of awesome moves and when we had auditions at the end, I finished in 6th place out of hundreds of kids my age from all over the world. I met some really neat kids and improved my dancing skills. I’ve taken a multitude of acting classes over the last year and have launched my acting career. I’ve had lead roles in theatre and been a lead male dancer in recitals. I’ve been lucky enough to win many amateur acting/dancing awards and scholarships this year and am ready for the real thing.

My first real movie part was a kid in church for the movie “Life Fine Tuned” from Renaissance Women’s Productions. It will be in the box office in the summer of 2011. I’ve been selected for a lead role in Super Powers, and young John Morgan in the Movie “The Confessions of John Morgan” which starts filming in January of 2011. Because of the wonderful relationship I have with my acting coach, Cheryl Rhoads, I’ve been given the opportunity to perform in several short films for the United States School System as a lead male actor on screen and performing voice-overs. I have auditioned for many parts in film and on Broadway. I’m on my way to Hollywood in January of 2011 and hoping to land a role on a new TV Pilot this year. Keep your fingers crossed. I’m ready for my next step in television, theatre or film. See you on the stage



Funny Bunch Lead Distilled Productions
Little in Common Co-Star (recurring) Fox Network/Bonanza Films
Radical Feature Film -HBO Featured Radical Now Productions
The Cynical Life of Harper Hall -HBO Featured Alchemy Pictures/Lion’s Gate
Can You Livea Co-Star (regular) Ornett Media Group
YAWYE Lead Switch Studios
The Meltdown Pot Co-Star (regular) Brightknight Entertainment LLC
Kids React (Weekly Webisode) Lead Fine Brothers

Feature Films

In Real Life (Consumers) Co-Star Burger Kino Productions
Theater of the Deranged II (Unmimely Demise) Co-Star PSYKIK JUNKY PICTURES
Life Fine Tuned Supporting Renaissance Women’s Production
Nuclear Family Supporting Cocksure Productions
Monologue Supporting Duerksen Studios
Paranormal Adoption Supporting Different Dreamer Films
TAG Stunt Double Strong Arm Productions

National Commercials

Nintendo Lead Café Productions -Disney Channel now
Renault-Samsung Co-Star Universal Studios/Duo Films-Korea now
Cadillac Lead Kill the Mic Productions
Doritos (2) Co-Star Kill the Mic Productions
Cyberlink (4) Lead Cyberlink Productions Lead Shetani Films
Brilliant Limo Co-Star Moch Productions

Music Videos

Different/Ximena Music Video Co-Star Warner Brothers/Headlight Films
Rise Against Music Video Co-Star Factory Films LTD.
Streets to Nowhere Lead Wren Films
22 Shooting Stars Lead New York Film Academy
Outlaw on the Run Music Video Lead Hefner Productions

Short Films

The Magic Clover Lead Peter Starke USC
Popcorn Lead Ro-Lit Productions
Between the Forrest and the Field Co-Star Out of Line Films
What It Is Co-Star UCLA Graduate School
SIRK Supporting Chapman University
UNDUE Co-Star Airborne Productions
Fears and Tears Lead New York Film Academy
Agent Steele Co-Star New York Film Academy
The Bargain Lead Yuen Films
Demon Toy Lead Chapman University
Dylan’s Time Machine Lead New York Film Academy
Perceptions Lead New York Film Academy
Years Co-Star Arts Center College of Design
Adventure Club Lead USC Film School


Charlie Brown Christmas/High School Musical Lead Walker Performing Arts
Viva Las Vegas/Peace Lead Dancer Rhythm n Motion Studios


Titanic Narrator/VO Success for All Foundation
Reading Fluency Narrator/VO Success for All Foundation


Improv LA Connection Sherman Oaks, CA
Commercial Techniques Talent to Go Studio City, CA
Cold Reading Margie Haber Studios Los Angeles, CA
Scene Study/ Improvisation Andrew Magarian Hollywood, CA
Acting Coach Cheryl Rhoads Alexandria, VA
Theater Production Walker Performing Arts Hagerstown, MD
Acting Technique (scholarship) Practicum Acting Camp New York, NY
Dance Rhythm n Motion Martinsburg, WV
Commercial/ Monologue John Robert Powers Rockville, MD

Special Skills

Advanced Hip Hop, Computers, Soap Box Derby, Swimming, Singing, Tae Kwon Do, Roller Skating, High IQ, Honor Student, Indoor Skydiving,
14 Accents/Dialects, Soccer, Razor Scooter, SAG Eligible





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