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White Picket Prisons by Kelli Owen AVAILABLE NOW!

Kelli Owen is an amazing author. I’ve reviewed a few of her previous books on my blog, Her newest, White Picket Prisons, is available now in either ebook form from amazon or a choice of two physical editions available from Thunderstorm Books. Details are available at Kelli’s website :

“Detective Mark Baker is an honest cop and an all-around good guy. After a chaotic night, Mark starts to reexamine his role in the system he no longer believes in.

That’s when an ominous letter arrives from his estranged sister. She sounds distraught, suicidal. Her words send him on a mission to a small Midwestern town, uncertain if he’ll find her dead or alive.

Valley Mill is a quiet little utopia. Everyone gets along. There’s zero crime. On the outside, it’s exactly what Mark thinks society should be. But what Mark discovers behind the pristine fences and closed doors is far worse than anything he could have imagined.

And he learns very quickly to be careful what you wish for…”

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Written by Mitchell Wells

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