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Horror Society   P5YCH   www.horrorsociety.comSandy King, Eric Talbert, Debbie Hill, Amanda Collins and Bobby White have been scarred so badly and terrified so brutally they each reside, permanently at the Milton Armstrong Wellness Centers, a nationwide series of hospitals specializing in the treatment for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Mentored by Dr. Rick Gilbert, The Five take their therapy to a whole new level when they leave the confines of their respective wellness centers and travel to the secluded McMurtrey Ranch. There, they engage in an experimental, psycho-kinetic treatment known as Stage Seven, which allows them to come face to face with their worst fears: their most suppressed memories.

When the memories and fantasies turn real, and the body count begins to rise, the five must band together to survive again… or die trying.

P5YCH is a thrilling new chapter in the ‘meta’ slasher film genre. By using the paradigms of some of the greats, P5YCH is able to both pay homage to the classics as well as create a new, terrifying mythology for horror fans to enjoy.

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Mitchell Wells
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