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Gabrielle Stone Chosen From Casting Call To Co-Star in The Beast

Gothic Productions International (GPI) is is proud to announce the selection of Gabrielle Stone as the actress for a leading role in its upcoming horror film, The Beast. She was chosen from a pool of several dozen actresses who applied.

Co-star of such horror films as 869 (2011) and Cut! (2012), Gabrielle is creating a career for herself as a favorite actress for the genre. Gabrielle is the daughter of the famous Hollywood actress Dee Wallace Stone, star of a great many horror films since the early 1980s.

Of her role in The Beast, she has said, “I’m thrilled to be a part of this film. The script has lots of horror and dramatic interest. I can’t wait to start work on it.”

The Beast is the follow-up film in the association between GPI in the Philippines and the U.S. company Collective Development, Inc. (CDI). The film’s screenplay, penned by Gothic horror writer Russ Williams, deals with a demonic evil hidden for centuries until its terrifying release. A small band of individuals must face their own inner demons and find the strength to survive and subdue this evil. The consequences of not doing so are too terrible to imagine.

To fill this important actress role in The Beast, GPI sent out a nationwide open casting call across the U.S. The selection process took almost two months. Because of the high standards GPI set for consideration, only about three dozen persons applied.

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The American DJ Perry (The 8th Plague, Deadly Renovations) will star in The Beast. Philippine director Ray Gibraltar (Wanted: Border, 2009) is set to direct The Beast in early 2013. Wanted: Border bagged the Philippine Cinema One Film Festival 2009 awards for Best Picture, Best Actress, Best Production Design, Best Music and Best Cinematography, as well as Best Screenplay and Best Director for Gibraltar.

GPI and CDI previously collaborated to produce the “found-footage” horror film, Darkest Night, now completed. Negotiations with several companies are currently ongoing for worldwide distribution rights. The official website for Darkest Night is at The website for GPI is at

Some of the previous acting troupe from Darkest Night (Kevin Vitug, Zeny Sevilla and others) are set to play roles in the film. Perry also headlined Darkest Night.


The film opens as five people are on a road trip through the Philippine backwoods. They are Filipinos Diana Esteban, 28 and her recent boyfriend, Eric Mercado, 29, as well as their friends Americans Bill Hardy, 35, and his long-time girlfriend, Julie Royce, 26. Diana’s petulant brother, Terry, 20, has gone along with them, just for the ride. Julie is an old friend of Diana’s, and they met as college students in UCLA. They have kept in touch, and Julie is visiting her with Bill, her boyfriend, who had hoped to gain investment money for his computer chip company from Diana’s wealthy father, Ramon.

The American friends arrived in Manila to discover that Diana had just fought with her estranged father, who didn’t want her to make this trip. However, she secretly did it anyway, getting Bill and Julie to come with her. She dragged Terry along so he wouldn’t blab to their Dad. Diana is searching for her “lost” brother, Christopher Esteban, 31. The two of them had been really close, until he disappeared six years ago.

Back when Christopher vanished, their priest had told them to accept God’s will and not to look for him, so Ramon commanded everyone in the family to obey the church. However, Diana’s mother had kept a copy of a secret letter hidden, which started her on her quest. Christopher sent this letter from the remote little village of San Miguel, now the group’s destination. He had fought with his parents and left home to travel about the islands backpacking for over a year. This letter was the last communication anyone ever received from him. He talked about hiking to the remote village of San Miguel. He also mentioned a small, mysterious-looking mountain near the town, covered with strange, stormy clouds and wrote that he was going to take a walk there the next day.

When Diana and her friends arrive at San Miguel, she starts searching for her brother. The town is very small and so remote there’s not even a cell phone signal. Though no one in town helps her, she does catch sight of the strange mountain described in Christopher’s letter, so she knows they’ve found the right place. However, the villagers, including priests in strange robes, refuse to give them information. Instead, the town folk become hostile and run the group out of town.

On the next day, as they start to leave, Diana’s other brother, Carlos, 33, a burly, powerful-looking man, drives up to them, stops and goes to Diana. Terry had told him about her trip, and he went to Ramon, who asked him to stop her and bring her home. There’s an obvious and powerful hatred between the two, especially from Diana. They have an angry argument, then Carlos grabs her and physically drags her to his car, with Terry following. Eric tries to stop him, and they have a fist fight. Bill tries to stop the fight, but Carlos punches him too. After all three fight it out until Bill ends up knocking Carlos unconscious. They tie him up, put him in the back of the SUV and drive away.

After Diana’s urgent pleas, the group decides to visit the clouded mountain, bypassing the village. She hopes to find clues there about what happened to Christopher. Instead, they find a dark, mysterious forest. She, Eric and Terry investigate the forest but are attacked by a giant wolf-looking monster. Terrified, they flee the forest but not before Terry is severely bitten. When they near the edge of the forest, the creature disappears! Could it have been a werewolf?

They return to Bill and Julie, who waited behind, and everyone realizes they must take Terry to the village and find a doctor before he bleeds to death. However, when they return to San Miguel, the town priest orders all of them kidnapped. They then take Terry and Diana to the church, where they perform a ritual so horrifying Diana passes out when she sees what the priests do to her brother!

Events that happen next in The Beast are not to be missed as Diana and her friends uncover an incredible conspiracy to hide a deadly creature not only able to kill people but control them as well. They have to escape the villagers who hold them prisoner, as well as the monster capable of causing grave harm, far worse than physical death. In order to survive, Diana must face up to dark events in her own family past. But finally, her battle is not just against a “werewolf” but a struggle for survival against the Beast that stalks her, a thing of terrifying, ultimate evil.

Written by Mitchell Wells

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