Review: Found

Every now and then a horror film comes along that genuinely disturbs me. Usually these films are more psychological, emotion provoking, and stress inducing than just hack-and-slash horror films. Again, these films are few and far between; so it’s an absolute enjoyment to find such a gem. I’ve definitely found that with Found. (see what I just did there?)

Found follows the story of Marty, a fifth grader in the middle of creating his own graphic novel. He is obsessed with B-horror films, much to the dissatisfaction of his dysfunctional family…except his older brother. You see, his older brother, Steve, displays bizarre and violent behavior…and oh yeah, he keeps severed heads in his closet. Throughout the course of the film, Marty’s world is turned upside down by bullies, strained friendships, a crumbling family circle, and his own unusual thoughts. Luckily, big brother Steve is there to make it all better…

Found is directed by Scott Schirmer, who cowrote the feature with Todd Rigney, the author of the novel that Found is based on. It was produced by Leya Taylor and Damien Wesner. Found stars Gavin Brown, Ethan Philbeck, Phyllis Munro (Psycho Street), and Louie Lawless (My Bloody Wedding); with special appearances by Alex Kogin, Andy Alphonse, and Kitsie Duncan (Myctophobia).

The most important thing I need to get across with Found is that it’s like watching two films at the same time. The first film would be the more emotional, thought-provoking parts of the film. Found tackles a variety of themes and real life issues including physical and sexual abuse, broken homes, teen violence, racism, bullying, and even homophobia. These parts are all put together very intelligently and so realistic you’d think they came from disturbed individuals themselves. The second film would be a disturbing slasher flick. And when I say disturbing, I mean disturbing. Eyeball eating, decapitated head raping disturbing. When you add these two components together, you really get the perfect horror film. After watching Found I needed to watch “Family Guy” to try to get the violent images out of my head and to help me wrap my head around what I just saw.

While I just mentioned that Found is the perfect horror film, I still need to mention that it is a perfect film overall. The script was very clever and concise. The acting, especially from the two brothers, was amazing. Every shot was framed perfectly, lit exquisitely with clear audio. But, even aspects outside of the key production cores were amazing. The sets and scenery were beautiful, especially the abandoned horror theme park. The special FX were extra bloody. Hell, even the music was used in the most expert way; the backing track that sounded like a piano was just as creepy as any generic scary theme music. Found is the perfect example of indie film making at its best. IMDB lists the budget as an estimated $8,000, but I find that hard to believe – the film is that good.

Ok, so there has to be some negative things or flaws that I need to point out, right? Nope! Besides an implied rape scene (one of the topics I have a hard time viewing), I cannot find one single gripe with Found. I hear that the film will be self distributed, maybe through its official site or conventions, I would assume. I just wish it went to theaters in a wide and wild release, that way everyone could have a chance to see this movie. It is a terrifying tale of violence told through two young, disturbed brothers. It is a thought-provoking, bloody good time that will please everyone, from horror fanatics to the casual viewer. And I fuckin’ loved it!

Written by Michael DeFellipo

(Senior Editor)