Woah! Pro Wrestlers vs. Zombies never ceases to amaze me. As a wrestling fan myself, I was psyched to see a movie concept to work wrestling and zombies together. I knew that Shane “The Franchise” Douglas was on board as a producer and plays himself in the film; so I was pretty sure the film would rock. Now, with the latest casting updates, I’m so sure the film will kick ass that I would risk my life in the ring with any of the talented individuals added to Pro Wrestlers vs. Zombies! Here’s the line up…

Shane “The Franchise” Douglas – 4 time ECW World Heavyweight Champion and former NWA World Heavyweight Champion. Mr. Douglas will play himself in the movie, as a self-absorbed wrestler hiding a dark past.

“Rowdy” Roddy Piper – former WWF Intercontinental Champion and former World Tag Team Champion. Mr. Piper will play himself in the movie.

Adrienne Fischer – actress and producer. Ms. Fischer will play the character of “Sarah Shuman,” an up-and-coming wrestler who must face the undead when her promotion becomes reanimated as zombies.

Matt Hardy – former WWE United States Champion and former Tag Team Champion. Mr. Hardy will play himself in the movie.

Reby Sky – “Lucha Libre USA: Masked Warriors” hostess. Ms. Sky will play herself in the movie.

Terry Funk – former WWF Tag Team Champion and former NWA Brass Knuckles Champion. Mr. Funk plays himself in the movie, as a money hungry washed-up wrestler.

Tejasa Gantt – actress. Ms. Gantt will play the role of “Serena,” dubbed one of the least likely characters in the film to actually kill a zombie.

Taya Parker – model and reality star. Ms. Parker will play herself in the movie.

Ryan Mitchell – former NWA East Heavyweight Champion and former FC World Heavyweight Champion. Mr. Mitchell will play himself in the movie, as the lady-killer all women are swoon over.

Brandon Graver – wrestler and actor. Mr. Graver has wrestled for indie promotions including RWA, CZW, and PWS.

Frank Yuvan Jr. – actor. Mr. Yuvan plays the role of “Q,” the god of wrestling.

Thomas “Inchworm” Rodman – actor. Mr. Rodman is a Dennis Rodman parody who has wrestled for BWO. He plays a lazy wrestler in the movie.

Jerry Pietrala – actor. His role is currently unspecified.

Tom Bradley – Defensive Coach for Penn State. He has agreed to do an unspecified cameo in the movie.

Pro Wrestlers vs. Zombies is written and will be directed by Cody Knotts. Filming begins this January.


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