Disgruntled Employee

Disgruntled Employee (2012)

Directed by Bill Zebub

A Review by Mario Dominick

For the past decade, Bill Zebub has been one of the indie horror scene’s busiest filmmakers constantly churning out B-grade flicks with blood and boobs and metal soundtracks. He’s done splapstick comedy such as The Worst Horror Movie Ever Made and extremely dark and disturbing fare like Catherine’s Pain (aka Rape is a Circle). Getting back to the darker side of storytelling with his latest feature Disgruntled Employee, Bill delivers what is quite possibly his most brutal and shocking film to date.

A male janitor named Steve who works with all female employees ends up getting fired due to his incompetence. He constantly tries to get the girls on the job to like him, but to no avail. They view him as a loser and obnoxious pig. Having been given the shaft one too many times, he decides to exact brutal vengeance on the business that ridiculed him and had him fired. Only he’s somebody who isn’t interested in just going in with a gun and shooting up the place. He seems, instead, to want to make his co-workers suffer the most degrading treatment imaginable. What follows is a truly disturbing look into the mind of a troubled being lashing out at a world that dismissed him as a degenerate. Rape, psychological and physical torture, and other acts of depravity ensue as part of Steve’s plan of revenge.

Disgruntled Employee is Bill Zebub returning to his darker moviemaking streak with a vengeance. The performances are very convincing (especially that of Steve Nebesni in the lead role) and there are some scenes that are hard to watch. The film shares the same quality as Bill’s other dark films such as Catherine’s Pain, Breaking Her Will, and Forgive Me For Raping You. It’s best watched with one of those if you want to enjoy an evening of savage and depressing cinema.

Disgruntled Employee was made for Rough Pictures, the same group behind Forgive Me For Raping You. The film is now available on DVD from Music Video Distributors at

Visit Grimoire and Bill Zebub Productions online at for more details about current and upcoming releases.


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