Hello, everyone. MGD here. I ran this idea by the man in charge, Mitch, and he said it was a great idea. I’ve always liked the name “Horror Society,” because society pretty much means community. And isn’t that what we are? We have a special blend of likes and dislikes in the indie horror scene that sets us aside from general horror fanatics. This is also a small community and many of us chat semi-regular with directors, actresses, etc that we admire and appreciate so much. Here is your chance to show some love and support to those films and film makers who fill your hearts with joy and put that extra kick in your crawl.

For the first time ever (to my knowledge…), Horror Society is going to have its own brand of awards. I thought of having Mitch, myself, and others be the judges and select nominees and winners by ourselves. But what would be the fun in that? I’ve decided to leave all the voting up to you guys – the readers. Winners will receive something, not sure what yet…because I haven’t gotten that far. Besides recognition, maybe I’ll try to throw in a tiny trophy of some sort. Everyone enjoys shiny objects, right?

Here is the ballot. Send an email to with your choices filled out by January 18, 2013. I don’t care if you worked on the film, know someone in the film, or are just a fan. The Horror Society Awards were created for our society of peers to vote for their favorites films! So get to it! Here are the categories, you send me your nominees! And remember, all movies HAVE to have been released in 2012. The titles that receive the most votes will go onto our top 5, which will become the nominees.

*Best Horror Film:
*Best Scifi Film:
*Best Short Film:
*Best Web Series:
*Best Director:
*Best Death Scene:
*Favorite Scream Queen:
*Favorite Scream King:
*Best Villain:
*Favorite What The Fuck Moment:
*Most Anticipated Flick of 2013:
*Film you’d most want a sequel too:


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