An All-Star Cast Comes Together for Haunted House Thriller A House is Not a Home

Optimized-Haunted-House-StillDeInstitutionalized LLC is a new production company, with a new horror title. Producers and co-creators Christopher Olen Ray and Gerald Webb (Layover) have teamed up to deliver thrills in A House is Not a Home. In the film, a couple tries to reconcile their marriage by moving into a new abode. But, they both find something is waiting for them. An unseen presence terrorizes both characters as this couple reunites to fight again the supernatural.

A House is Not a Home has completed principal photography and DeInstitutionalized LLC has announced their principal cast. Bill Cobbs (A Night at the Museum) stars, along with Eddie Steeples (“My Name is Earl”) and Richard Grieco (“21 Jump Street”). This all star cast will appear in this exciting haunted house thriller, which will release in 2013. More cast and crew details are below.

Director: Christopher Douglas-Olen Ray.

Producers: Gerald Webb and Christopher Ray. Co-producer: Richard Grieco.

Director of Photography: Alexander Yellen. Cast: Melvin Gregg.

*DeInstitutionalized LLC chooses diversity in its casting choices.

**more details on DeInstitutionalized can be found at the production company’s website, found below in the sources section.

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