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Claustrofobia UK DVD Release 21st Jan 2013


UK DVD RELEASE DATE: 21st January, 2013

Starring Carolien Spoor, Dragan Bakema and Thijs Römer
Released by Matchbox Films (RRP £15.99)

When young, hopeful actress, Eva (Spoor), moves on her own into a new apartment, everything seems perfect. One or two of the neighbours are a little odd, perhaps, but it’s her home and she loves being independent. Little does she realise, however, the nightmare that awaits her.

Someone, somewhere, is watching her, waiting for the moment when she least expects it, to strike. Before she knows what’s happening, Eva finds herself at the mercy of a highly dangerous and disturbed mind, caught up in his dark and twisted plan for revenge. Only her instincts can save her now.


AMAZON DVD LINK:  amazon.co.uk/dp/B00A1LGNUO

UK Certificate:  15
Running Time:  88 minutes
RRP:  £15.99

News from http://thecorpsegrinder.wordpress.com/2013/01/22/claustrofobia-uk-dvd-release-21st-jan-2013/

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