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‘American Horror Story: Asylum’s’ Conceptual Designer Chills Us With Some Art

AHS Asylum concept art 4

The second season of the hit FX show American Horror Story: Asylum is now in the books.  This past season was really whacked out as far as storylines and innovative creature effects.  We have some really awesome looking character design artwork by the show’s conceptual designer, Jerad S. Marantz.

Marantz was hired to conceptualize the show’s creatures for makeup effects artist Christian Tinsley.   According to Marantz’s blog,

“This is one of my absolute favorite projects to work on. I’m a big fan of the show and I love working on these designs for Christian Tinsley and Ryan Murphy. Coming up with the look and feel of these characters is a collaborative effort and I love how the project pushes Design further every year. Asylum took a lot of work, much more than season one. There was so much to do and it was a lot of fun. This show just had so much going on I can’t even imagine what Murphy will come up with for next season.”

Check out these nifty designs of Bloody Face, Dr. Arden’s experiments, Pepper the pinhead, and what the aliens really looked like.  Click on each pic for a larger image and enjoy.

AHS Asylum concept art        AHS Asylum concept art 2        AHS Asylum concept art 3          AHS Asylum concept art 4

AHS Asylum concept art 5              AHS Asylum concept art 6              AHS Asylum concept art 8                AHS Asylum concept art 7

AHS Asylum concept art 9


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