Now I don’t often do this but this is a small article on a great UK Indie Music & Dvd distributors and publishers Wienerworld.

Firstly here is their about us statement from their site – Wienerworld is the UK’s leading independent DVD and CD publisher and distributor. The company, founded in 1981, has been going from strength to strength ever since. Our catalogue of mainly music repertoire features over 500 top titles to which we are constantly adding.

We like to feel that we give the major labels a good run for their money whilst at the same time maintaining a personal, feet-on-the-street approach to the home DVD and entertainment business.

Wienerworld specialises in releasing, marketing, and distributing niche audio-visual content on DVD, Blu-Ray, CD and recently reviving the ever-popular format of vinyl. Our focus has traditionally been on music but we keep adding to our extensive DVD catalogue with a large variety of other genres including film, documentary, horror, theatrical and more.

Wienerworld’s roster of music DVD artists include Elvis, Rod Stewart, Elaine Paige, Iggy Pop, 10CC, The Specials, The Damned and The Stranglers to name but a few. On the audio side, our catalogue boasts artists including Nils Lofgren, The Dwarves, Peter Hook, Muddy Waters and Richie Havens.

Wienerworld looks to acquire rights and sell its programmes in the world-wide market place. With our solid operation we continue to surprise and excite the public with our innovative cutting edge approach, utilising attention seeking promotions for every one of our releases.

We hope you enjoy browsing through our extensive catalogue range.

Welcome to a brave new Wienerworld, the Label with Attitude!

Now Wienerworld are one of the labels that put out the more obscure and hard to find releases , here you will find a great selection of American Punk live DVD’s from the likes of Bad Brains, Dwarves and many more. They also specialize in some great UFO and general Fortean DVD’s.

However Wienerworld are not just genre specific and their range covers all from Elvis to Onyx to Dinosaur Jr with much much more. As well as DVDs they also stock CDs, Vinyl and BluRays.

With new releases every month they continue to find and distribute some real gems, and I am particularly looking forward to watching Stryper – Live At Java Rockin’ Land , as a huge Thrash fan I was always aware of Stryper and their beliefs which found a real niche in 1980′s metal and now my love has gone retro I can now listen to Stryper with a fondness I rarely had for them back in the day. Altogether now “You , you make my life complete , you give me all I need” :) .

So I urge anyone just have a look at their site as their are many great little gems there , just spend 5 minutes and I guarantee you will see something that will interest you.

Support UK Indie makers and distributors –

And follow them on Twitter @Wienerworld_Ltd

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