seventoeWith films such as Grave Encounters and Reel Evil capitalizing on the public’s interest in ghost hunters, at this point the plot is starting to get a little recycled. The Legend of Seven Toe Maggie, I assume, is also trying to use this television turned movie plot as a catalyst for success. The big question is – What makes The Legend of Seven Toe Maggie different? Well, after watching the trailer (which you can find below) two things stuck out in my head.

Firstly, the movie is set on a large chunk of land with an old Victorian house. All other paranormal investigator movies have taken place in haunted asylums. The original setting in The Legend of Seven Toe Maggie means that there are many new tricks, many new scares that can happen that weren’t feasable in films like Paranormal Incident. The second trait I loved is that the plot reminds me of Weird NJ, which was something I did quite regularly while growing up. Stories of tortured souls in the middle of deep forests who could only be summoned by circling the area with your lights off and calling an enchantment. It brings me back to the good old days of being young and looking for something horrific.

With all this said, let me finally introduce you to The Legend of Seven Toe Maggie.

In The Legend of Seven Toe Maggie, “Amateur paranormal investigators “G.H.O.S.T” come to town when one of its members, Zeke meets up with a local girl Mattie, who had a paranormal experience as a young girl in an old house her dad purchased. The land the house sits on is said to be haunted by a native American girl who was supposedly raped, tortured and murdered inside a church that was once built there. Its up to Mattie’s new found friends to discover the mystery behind the Legend.”

The film is written and directed by Joseph Lavender with additional writing by Jarrod Musselwhite. The film stars Chase Steven Anderson (“One Tree Hill”), Mandi Christine Kerr (“Two Naked Men Making A Sandwich”), Josh Sinyard (“It’s Supernatural”), Christina Pykles, and Gregory French as Jonathan.

The promotional team behind The Legend of Seven Toe Maggie has just released a brand new teaser for this horror film. I’ve supplied it for you below. While you’re checking it out, make sure to click on some of the other upload videos on the channel. There is a cool walk through of the house used in the movie. Also, for more information, follow this flick on Facebook:



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