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Jessica Cameron – Scream queen, model…writer? Debuts new skill in ‘Truth or Dare’ release.

jessicacameronAnyone who is involved with or loves indie horror knows who Jessica Cameron is. The Golden Cob Award winner, scream queen, model, and reality tv star is ready to showcase another hidden talent – writing. That’s right, Ms. Cameron is a writer and is ready to share this skill with the world in the form of her “baby,” a new feature titled Truth or Dare. This upcoming torture porn flick is also co-written and co-produced by Jonathan Higgins.

In the latest press release from Jessica, we learn all the information for Truth or Dare, which is currently in pre-production; and we are also treated to a couple pages from the script! Find the release below, followed by the exclusive pages of script. More updates, including an indiegogo campaign, will be on the way soon. So stay tuned!




Jessica Cameron Set to Star in a New Torture Porn Film

Independent Scream Queen Jessica Cameron will be starring in a new horror film tentatively titled “Truth or Dare” which she co-wrote and will be producing with Jonathan Higgins. The movie will be shot in Los Angeles in the coming months.

“Truth or Dare” is about 6 college kids who find internet stardom when they make “Truth or Dare” videos with a violent twist. It is all fun and games until their number one fan takes them hostage and makes them play by his own rules….

Jessica is known for such films as the Roger Corman produced “Camel Spiders” on SyFy, Steven C. Miller’s remake of “Silent Night,” David Lee Madison’s oft talked about “Mr. Hush,” and the hit TLC television series “Brides of Beverly Hills.” Jonathan is a Los Angeles-based writer under Gandolfo Helin Literary Management. His book titled “The Masquerade: The Truth Lies Behind the Mask” will be out later this year.

The production is in talks with several directors, although a few of them have voiced their inability to take on such graphic and violent scenes after reading the script. One director in particular feared that he would hold back on the extreme torture scenes due to their intensity.

She had this to say about the project:

“I’m phenomenally excited to tackle my very first film as a producer and co-writer. If only I could find a director who wasn’t scared of the material. After all, when it comes to the torture porn genre, is there really such a thing as ‘too far’ or ‘too much?’”

Exclusive script pages:

Meanwhile, the exhausted and terrified group of players are all seated with their hands bound as sweat and tears drip down their faces. The group has all been injured from playing a round of the vicious game and the reality of death looms in the air. A heavy stench of forthcoming pain sits at the forefront of everyone’s minds. They fearfully look at Derik who continues to walk around the circle of players as if he is taking an easy Sunday afternoon stroll. Tony is in a state of disbelief and shock when he is approached by Derik.

Back to you, Tony. Truth or dare?

Fuck (beat) Either one really fucking blows (beat). Dare.


Derik walks towards his bag and retrieves a large combat knife. It glistens in the reflection from the light. Tony’s eyes widen as he takes a good look at the jagged knife.

(panicked) What the fuck?

To…cut…both of your nipples off.

(shocked) What?!

I don’t think you need me to repeat the instructions or the repercussions if you fail in completing
your dare.

Derik smirks as he looks at Tony, who tries to shy away from Derik’s twisted demeanor.

It’s like ripping off a band-aid, the quicker you do it, the faster it’s over.

Tony looks at the knife on the floor. He slowly picks it up and his hands begin to shake. He starts to profusely sweat and rock back and forth. His nervous system is fried and his vision starts to
blur. Derik points the gun at Tony’s head.

Don’t do anything but the dare. You remember the rules.

Tony looks at his teammates to his left and right. His heart pounds inside of his chest as he stands there with the knife in his hand.

Don’t look at them! They have nothing to do with your dare!

Tony begins to stand up, but Derik interjects.

Sit back down, there is no need to stand. After all, if you’re standing and you pass out after completing your dare, you could hurt yourself. We can’t have that, can we? We want everyone to play for as long as they can.

Tony sits back down, releasing a frustrated sigh as he begins to panic and breath heavily.

I can’t fucking do it.

You know what the alternative. One!

Derik cocks the gun hammer back.

Tony exhales quickly and rolls his shoulders.


Tony starts to lift his shirt up. He places the blade to the outer edge of his nipple and lightly presses into his chest before letting up on the pressure he was applying.


Okay! Okay!

A single tear streams down Tony’s face as he hesitates. Tony looks up at the gun aiming at him from across the circle of players and he puts the tip of the knife back on his chest while grabbing his nipple with his other free hand.

(yelling louder)

His hand starts to jitter as he shakes his head back and forth, uttering “fuck” as he cannot believe what he is about to do. His entire forehead is gleaming from the light reflecting off the sweat that has completely drenched him. After another moment’s pause; SLICE – Tony pierces his nipple with the knife and immediately removes the blade.

(yelling and panting)
Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!

Tony thrusts the blade into the other side of his nipple and screams in pain. He gets the knife to penetrate the other side of his nipple, like a sewing needle. Blood pours out of his wound and he whimpers as he cuts into his flesh. His girlfriend Michelle screams as she looks on at her boyfriend damaging his body. Tony starts to move the blade in a saw-like motion and he continues to whimper and scream intermittently. More blood trickles down his chest and seeps into the top of his pants. The knife gets to the end of his nipple and he slides the knife out. Tony takes his other hand and peels the nipple from his chest, removing it. It wiggles like a soggy pepperoni. Tony drops it on the ground and clasps his hand over his mouth out of sheer shock. After a moment of nervously biting his knuckles, he drops his hand to his side.

That’s it. I’m only doing one. You’re not getting the other one!

Sorry, I’m not interested in doing anything halfway, and you shouldn’t either. Our fans want the full show. The other nipple is coming off. And if you continue to waste my time –

Derik aims the gun back at Tony’s head.

Then you are going to permanently sit out.

Tony shutters as he reaches for the knife.


Written by Michael Therkelsen

(Senior Editor)