The Lost Coast Tapes imageWell folks, I guess it was inevitable that we would be seeing a sequel to the 2012 found footage Bigfoot film, The Lost Coast Tapes, whether you liked the first one or not.  We’ve got the brand new teaser poster for Bigfoot: Beyond the Lost Coast Tapes coming from the same team that brought us the first film.  Look for the film to be released sometime in 2014, you can check out the teaser poster below via the Lost Coast Tapes Facebook Page.

The filmmakers had this to say about the film on Facebook, “So the script to the sequel is just about complete. I think u guys are in for a treat. All your notes and suggestions made it in in some way or form and I think u will be pleased. Strong story. Action and suspense throughout and more horror.”

“Okay guys this is the first teaser poster for the sequel. Hopefully with hardwork and the support of you guys who have been behind us will help have this new movie in the can this year… Id love to hear what you guys think the sequel will be about.. More to come.”

I’m sure we’ll have more on this film as it goes into production, so keep it here to Horror Society for all the latest on Bigfoot: Beyond the Lost Coast Tapes.

Bigfoot Beyond the Lost Coast Tapes teaser poster


Watch the trailer for The Lost Coast Tapes here,



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