My man Scott W. Perry sent this along of Facebook and I have to admit, I like the concept and who is involved:


“In Fear Of” is a web series that looks into the clinical phobias that inhabit us. The series was created by Scott W. Perry in 2012 and has featured some incredible filmmaking talents, including directors Jeremiah Kipp and Mike Polizzi, actors Debbie Rochon, David Marancik, Suzi Lorraine, Raine Brown, Damien Colletti, Xiomara Cintron, Kelly Rae LeGault, Louisa Ward, Mike Lane, and a multitude of performers.


In Season 2, we have already confirmed the following phobias will be made with the following directors and actors attached:

 1- “Scotomaphobia: Fear Of Blindness” (Directed by Jeremiah Kipp. Starring Susan Adriensen) In post-production
 2- “Toxiphobia: Fear Of Being Poisoned” (Directed by Thomas Norman. Starring Manoush, Kelly Rae LeGault, and Pete Mizzo)
 3- “Dysmorphophobia: Fear Of Deformity” (Directed by Scott W. Perry. Starring Heather Drew)
 4- “Agrophobia: Fear Of Sexual Harrassment” (Directed by Bradley Creanzo, starring Creazno and Genoveva Rossi)
 5- “Hydrophobia: Fear Of Water” (Directed by Sean N. Ihne. Starring Ryan Macellaro)
 6- “Gerontophobia: Fear Of Aging” (Directed by Scott W. Perry. Starring Suzi Lorraine and Doc Dougherty)
 7- “Mnemophobia: Fear Of Memories” (Directed by Alfredo Salvatore Arcilesi, starring Adam Ginsberg and LC Macabre)
8- “Taphaphobia: Fear Of Being Buried Alive” (Directed by Stolis Hadjicharalambous)
9- “Merintophobia: Fear Of Being Bound Or Tied Up” (Directed by Scott W. Perry. Starring Kaylee Williams and David Marancik)
10- “Mystery Phobia” (Director TBA. Starring Debbie Rochon and David Marancik)
11- “Dementophobia: Fear Of Insanity” (Directed by Scott W. Perry. Starring Rachael Robbins)
12- “Agoraphobia: Fear Of Leaving The House” (Directed by Robert L. Brodmerkel. Starring Anne Bobby)
13- “Autophobia: Fear Of Abandonment” (Directed by Scott W. Perry. Starring Larry Carrell)
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