ktbposterDustin Mills is a very busy man that has big plans for 2013 and beyond for himself and his company, Dustin Mills Productions.  Mills is currently planning on releasing 3 more films this year with talks to do even more.  No one can say he is not one dedicated mother fucker.

Anyway, Mills has recently sent me an email with info on all his upcoming projects.  One of the films he sent me info on was for his film Kill That Bitch.  That title gets straight to the point doesn’t it?  The film was currently on hiatus until Mills could finish and release his holiday themed flick Easter Casket.  After releasing EC, Mills is currently working on wrapping this flick as well as another one.

The film is about “A methodical killer is systematically slaughtering a group of women who are connected and bound by the same dark secret. Kill That Bitch is a gruesome tale of beauty, secrets, violence, and murder.”

I, for one, am very excited to see this flick but in the mean time I have to let these following photos due till then and please be sure to head over and like the DMP Facebook page. ktb2 ktb3 ktb4 ktb5 ktb6 ktb7 ktb8


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