Do you remember when horror films actually use to excite us? With all the repetitive crap Hollywood has chosen to feed us over the last few years, it can be hard to remember the last recent film of the genre that was watchable. It is for this reason, and many more, that I present you with what is surely going to be another reason to truly get excited about horror again.

From the guys that brought us the short film “Seizure” and the deliciously disturbing short “32”, I give you, “The Dinner Guest.” It is the studio’s first attempt at a full feature film, but that isn’t stopping the enthusiasm for a second. With all original music and sounds, and can lighting being resourcefully used for each and every shot, these guys are working hard to bring horror back to its golden period.

They are seeking to do the entire film on a budget of just $6,000. Donations not only help these guys make a movie that is worth being made, but can get you some pretty awesome extras. Who doesn’t love extras? Donations can be made by visiting the Indiegogo promotion page linked below

The crew consists of James Neff, Danica Deering, Joseph Dean Martinez, and Aleta Jordan on makeup. And let’s not forget that Eric Fox from Syfy’s Face/off will be working as the special effects artist. These guys are hard at work. Let’s help them out so they can continue to do what they love, making what horror fans want to see and putting that bit of fright back into our lives.

Thank you all and now I present you the promotional teaser of “The Dinner Guest” from Nightwalker Cinema!


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