Adam Ahlbrandt is a director whose films I just recently discovered.  This horror fan released two of the most mind blowing indie horror films I have seen to date with Cross Bearer and The Cemetery.  Ahlbrandt is currently working on his next project entitled Hunters and was nice enough to send me a message with some news and updates on the project, as well as, the complete plot outline for the film.

Ahlbrandt recently cast horror vet and scream queen Linnea Quigley and horror hottie Tina Krause.  Ahlbrandt has also brought on J. D. Brown to play the main killer in the film.  As of now this is all the casting news Ahlbrandt has to offer us but has promised to keep us posted when that news becomes available.

As for the movie itself, Ahlbrandt has this to say:

“The film centers around a group of film students who land a gig doing a location scout for a local horror film centered around a real town in Pennsylvania named Centralia(The same town that the Silent Hill franchise is based upon). A mine fire which spread under the town caused the town to be uninhabitable.

The Hunters focuses on the disappearances which have taken place around the area, linking them not to the mine fire(Which causes the ground to be unstable and hazardous to walk on) but rather a family of ruthless killers who kidnap, torture and murder anyone they can catch within their rural hunting grounds. The film will be shot on multiple formats (Super 8mm film, VHS, HD) as the story involves both an aspect of found footage(The Hunters film their victims to keep as trophies) and traditional narrative story telling.”

Ahlbrandt is still seeking funds to make the best movie he can (trust me when I say he knows what he is doing) and is asking everyone to please donate to the indiegogo campaign which includes some sweet incentives.  The link is posted below!


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