Clock Out, from Golden Cat Films is essentially an action thriller. But, there are horror elements here as well.

Clock Out is the latest film from director Brad Hodge and the story involves a desperate character, Toby. Toby, played by Joshua Mark Robinson, is in dire need of money, after his health deteriorates. He is drawn into a drug rip-off by his friend, Brian (Shaun Gerardo). Then, Toby gets involved in kidnapping and murder as seen in the still above. The local criminal elements come out of the bloody woodwork to seek revenge on Toby and Brian. And soon, Toby’s life is set to Clock Out earlier than expected.

Fans of edgy thrillers can preview Clock Out here, with two stills and a trailer. Actress and abductee Wendy Keeling is seen above, strapped down. Below, actor Bill Oberst Jr. as Det. Breckam tussles with the protagonist, Toby.

This title will release later this year, once distribution is found.


Director: Brad Hodge.

Writer: Michael Martin.

Cast: Joshua Mark Robinson, Shaun Gerardo, Bill Oberst Jr., Emily Kaiho and Bethany Brooke Anderson.

The film’s fan page can be found in the “Article Source” section.


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