Matt Hish’s A Haunting in Thornby Has a Secret to Tell

A-Haunting-in-Thornby-Bloodied-Hannah-Crowley-StillA Haunting in Thornby is a haunted house tale from co-production houses Raging Bull Entertainment and Khoury A. Marriot Productions. This thriller has already been picked up for distribution by UnCork’D Entertainment for a November release. And horror fans, can preview the film’s story here.

The Paulson family are forced to move after tragedy strikes close to home. They move into a rural neighbourhood in Northern California. Something awaits them here. An ancient secret lingers in the Paulson’s new home and parents, Tom (Rib Hillis) and Brenda (Jessica Morris) will have to confront their worst fears and an evil force, before they can find solace.

A Haunting in Thornby will release in a few short months and horror fans can preview the film with three stills from the shoot. The first photo shows part of Thornby’s secret, bloodied and armed. The second still (click to enlarge) shows actor Judd Nelson with actress Tina Hillstrom. Nelson plays Mr. Franklin, the owner of a prestigious architectural firm. The last still shows director Matt Hish behind the scenes with actor Nelson and cinematographer Miko Dannels. A trailer for the film will be released shortly.



Release Date: November 2013.

Director: Matt Hish.

Writers: Ian Ascher and Chris Freeman.

Cast: Rib Hillis, Jessica Morris, Neil Dickson, Hannah Cowley, and Judd Nelson.

The film’s official synopsis:

“A traumatic event forces Tom (Rib Hillis) and Brenda (Jessica Morris) to move, with their young son, from Los Angeles back to Brenda’s small Northern California hometown. In their new homestead, odd occurrences and bizarre, unsettling events begin to unfold. A century’s old secret, that threatens to destroy the family, begins to reveal itself, in a horrifying fashion.”

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