My man J.P. Bankes-Mercer turned me on to his latest project, UHF (Untitled Horror Film)!

Why do we need your Help?

95% of principal photography has been completed on UHF but we need to return to the location and expand on one particular practical FX shot with Jeanette Rawston lead FX supervisor and shoot a couple of scenes that got dropped (because we didn’t have time to shoot them on the original dates) we also want to spend some money on a professional sound design (you know what the say about 51% sound!)

About “Untitled Horror Film”

“The Cameraman (J.P.) has hoodwinked Heidi Slater, Jeff (Sound recordist) and Tobias Danzig (psychic medium) into making a ‘Most Haunted’ style of program but J.P. has other intentions, he wants to use his ‘Actors’ for his own Snuff* film >> UHF <<

The film asks the question – What is more frightening? – Possible psychic phenomena or Human nature at its worst?

* A snuff film is a motion picture genre that depicts the actual murder of a person or people, without the aid of special effects, for the express purpose of distribution and entertainment or financial exploitation. (Wikipedia)”


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