joselynAnother real life horror news story. Although, this one is probably more like one of those Lifetime Original Movies about stalking than a full fledged horror film.

Actress Joselyn Martinez helped authorities to catch her father’s killer 26 years after his murder. Her father, Jose Martinez, was murdered in 1986 by Justo Santos while in New York City. After becoming a prime suspect in the murder, Santos fled the state and disappeared. But eight years ago, Joselyn started using and other search engines to constantly look for Santos. Sites like and helped her to find Santos almost three decades after the slaying. Joselyn turned his new information over to authorities and they arrested him in Miami on Thursday. Santos has confessed to the murder since his capture.

Joselyn Martinez is actually a real aspiring actress, with a handful of voice over credits and roles in independent productions. She’s never done anything horror related, though this may change if she decides to play herself in a Lifetime Original Movie based on her life!

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