Monster man's died on this day in horror history 2

June 20

2007 – Donna King, who was one of the singing “King Family,” passed away at the age of 88. She appeared in “The Hideous Sun Demon,” which starred and was written, produced and directed by Robert Clarke.

1986 – Tim Herbert, who appeared in “The Boston Strangler” and “Duel,” passed away at the age of 71. He portrayed the “Batman” villain “Killer Moth” in the unaired pilot for a proposed “Batgirl” series.

1984 – Estelle Winwood, who co-starred in the films “The Magic Sword,” “The Cabinet of Calagari” and was “Aunt Hilda” (“Hilda,” not “Harriett”) on the “Batman” TV series, passed away at the age of 101.

1978 – Mark Robson, who directed “Isle Of The Dead,” “The 7th Victim” and “Bedlam,” passed away at the age of 64.

Estelle Winwood
Estelle Winwood



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