Amerikan Holokaust (Review)

AHposterDirector – Chris Woods (The Sleaze Box)
Starring – Jules Sceiro (Metagod), Bob Glazier (Dark Comedy), and Cyndi Crotts (Feeding on Fear)
Release Date – 2013
Rating – 2.5/5

A few months ago I was browsing around Facebook and I noticed a few of my horror heavy friends had liked a page entitled Amerikan Holokaust. I checked the Facebook page and liked what I seen.  Just like usual I headed over to youtube to check out the trailer for the film.  The trailer looked fucking nuts.  I honestly did not know what to think of it except it looked really disturbing.

I messaged the Facebook page to see about getting a screener to review for the site.  Sadly, the film was not finished.  So I waited patiently for the film to be completed.  In the mean time I discovered that the film was made by the two guys known for their Sleaze Box videos on youtube.  I only recently discovered these series of videos and really enjoy them.  I waited in the film and when it arrived I quickly threw it in.  I had no idea what I was getting myself into.

**Spoiler Alert**The film follows two Vietnam Vets that returned home from the war with a warped sense of ownership and moral obligations.  The two kidnap young women and have their ways with them sexually.  The two live out their sexual fantasies with these young ladies regardless how perverse the act is and record every second of it with stolen video cameras.  vlcsnap-2013-06-22-20h42m47s135

During the entire film they spill out speeches about how the world is going to hell in a hand basket and they are the only ones who can liberate us from the coming storm.  The two meet their match when they pick up a super hot hooker and have their way with her just like normal except this time they do not actually kill her.  She tricks them into thinking she is dead and bites off one of her captors dick of and and force feeds it to him before killing them both like the dogs they are.**Spoiler Alert**

Wow.  That is honestly the only thing that comes to mind after watching this movie.  Sometimes when I watch movies to review my wife will sit with me and do her own thing on her smartphone, laptop, etc.  However, after 5 minutes of this movie she had to leave the room and I don’t blame her.  I have been addicted to horror for damn near 15 years and I have yet to find a movie that shocked and tormented me like this movie did.  This movie has everything I find uncomfortable and terrifying in the real world in it and displays it in such a way that it will leave you feeling disturbed.

The acting is great by the two lead actors, Jules Sceiro and Bob Glazier.  The two do an amazing job at portraying true deranged psychos.  Rue Goregrinder did a great job in her role but the remainder of the cast needed some more experience to be more convincing.  The story is truly the most disturbing and shocking one I have seen to date.  The film is filled with rape, torture, a man screwing guts, and women being fed laxative and then force fed her own shit.  The story was made to shock and disgust and it does just that.

Finally, the film has great special effects and on screen kills.  The special effects and kills go hand in hand with the disturbing story rounding out one truly demented masterpiece.  Overall, this is truly disturbing film that will leave you unnerved and disgusted.  Sadly, this is not my cup of tea.  If you like the sick and perverse then I highly recommend this one.  If you’re like me and prefer cheese on your horror then avoid it because you will not satisfied.


Written by Blacktooth

(Staff Writer) Lover of all things horror and metal. Also likes boobs and booze.