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I am making this Kickstarter page is to ask for your help. We started Within the Woods of Undead County originally as a short film to educate ourselves and have fun in the process. After spreading the word of this movie, it became a big sensation, bigger than we ever imagined. We began to have fans. Our fan base has and still is climbing to a huge level in the thousands. We thought we could make it on our own, but unfortunately it has not come to that. When you are trying to make a name for yourself in the movie business while producing a professional movie, it is hard to do alone. We worked hard all day at our jobs just to spend it all on equipment; nevertheless we fell short of our goals raising money for the budget independently. To me, and all the others that have worked so hard, we cannot let this project go unfinished; we cannot let down our fans.- Joshua Solarczyk

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