A Shameless Revenge (Review)

asrposterDirector(s) – Shawn Burkett (The Sleeping Soul, Bludgeon) and Corey A. Thrush
Starring – Corey A. Thrush (Theatre of the Deranged II), Lorin Dineen (Bludgeon), and Scott Gillespie (Midsummer Nightmares)
Release Date – 2013

Horror is truly in the eye of the beholder.  As cheesy as that sounds I find it to be completely true.  Not everyone is scared of the same things.  Some people may find humor in rape or jokes about rape while others become so terrified by the idea that they can have a panic attack.

That brings me to this film.  I knew it involved revenge (the title gave me that much info!) but I had no idea what kind.  This is one of the last remaining Concept Media films I have yet to see.  Director Shawn Burkett was kind enough to send me a screener.  So thank you once again Shawn for hooking me up with a screener.

**Spoiler Alert**Joe DeLuca (Thrush) is a hard working man that is extremely content with his life as a construction worker.  However, his live in girlfriend had higher aspirations for him and his career and leaves his ass. Heartbroken, he hits the local pub where he crosses paths with a sultry little blonde

The two have a few drinks and head back to her place where they make out for a bit.  He tries to get his way inside her home and she shoots him down.  She gives him her number and tells him to call her later.  That night he goes to bed on cloud 9 and the days following he tries to call and text her.  Sadly, she wants nothing to do with him and avoids him.  He constantly calls and texts her for six months before crossing paths with her on the street.  She tells him to loose her number and move on.

That night he finds a rent-a-hole that looks remotely like the one that broke his heart and takes her to a seedy motel room.  He has his way with her and roughs her up a bit before leaving.  He starts to stalk the one that broke his heart and realizes she is dating someone else.

He finally has had enough and gets inside her home and tries to rape her.  Lucky for her, he grabbed her while she was on the phone and the person she was talking to called the police.  The police arrive and arrest him saving her life.**Spoiler Alert**asr5

I said earlier that I believe horror is in the eye of the beholder. When I was younger I found everything funny.  If I heard a rape joke I would usually laugh but now I don’t really find it funny.  No, I haven’t been raped but after I married my wife I now worry for her safety and that is usually the first thing I worry about while she is away alone.  It is because of this that I find this film to be a powerful piece of cinema.

Burkett’s films are horror but consist of what I call the “unusual.”  His films usually don’t contain what I call real monsters but the monsters within each of us and this film had the biggest monster of all.

Those of you looking for a slasher, zombie, or monster flick will not find it here but those looking for a realistic moody thriller will find it here.  The acting is actually very well done.  The entire cast did an amazing job and co-director Thrush shows real talent in front of the camera.  He has the skill and talent and I could see him starring in many other films.

The story is nothing new but has an original flare.  Many stalker and rape films follow the victim, however, this one actually follows the attacker from his breaking point until his heinous attack.  I liked that.  It showed a side that most don’t see when dealing with films like this.  The only part that I didn’t like about the film is that many of the scenes just dragged out way too long.  At times I would catch myself losing focus on the film.  Finally, those looking for kills and special effects will not find it here.  This film uses real life horror to affect the viewer.  It is uncomfortable at times and moody at others.  I highly recommend it.


Written by Blacktooth

(Staff Writer) Lover of all things horror and metal. Also likes boobs and booze.