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Born on this day in horror history – July 12

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July 12

1980 – Kristen Connolly, appeared in “The Happening”, “The Cabin in the Woods”, and “The Bay”.

1978 – Michelle Rodriguez, appeared in “Resident Evil”, “BloodRayne”, “The Breed”, “Machete”, “Resident Evil: Retribution” and “Machete Kills”.

1970 – Byung-hun Lee, starred in the acclaimed Korean horror film “I Saw the Devil”.

1945 – Edwin Neal, appeared in the original “The Texas Chain Saw Massacre”, “Murder-Set-Pieces”, “Satan’s Playground”, “The Mangled” and more.

1927 – Jerry Ito who appeared in the films “Mothra,” “Message From Space” and “The Manster.”

1886 – Jean Hersholt who appeared in “The Cat Creeps,” “The Mask of Fu Manchu” and “Mark of the Vampire.”

1882 – Legendary director Tod Browning, whose films includes “London After Midnight,” “Dracula,” “Freaks” and “Mark of the Vampire.

Kristen Connoly
Kristen Connoly


Michelle Rodriguez
Michelle Rodriguez
Edwin Neal
Edwin Neal
Todd Browning
Todd Browning

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