Brian Keene is one of the horror genre’s most popular and innovative authors. Keene has written over 30 books, with titles including Entombed, Alone, Scratch, City of The Dead, Take The Long Way Home, and The Rising. He has also written a novel titled The Cage, which will now be made into a feature film!

Details are slim right now, but bits of information are popping up on The Cage’s social networking sites. You can find those at the bottom of this post, by the way. Ted Rypel worked on the adapting the novel into a screenplay, and he describes the film as “…one of the most unusual and gripping science-fiction/horror hybrids you’ll ever encounter.”

The Cage tells the story of a not so normal night – closing time more specifically – at Big Bill’s Electronics. When Simon bursts into the store and brings terror and bloodshed to the unfortunate employees, six survivors are forced to assist Simon in opening something. One by one they will disappear while viewers try to figure out the mysteries held within the little establishment.

Jon D. Wagner is set to direct this feature. Confirmed castmembers include Damian Maffei (Christmas With The Dead), Samantha Hahn (Night of The Pumpkin), and Hannah Fierman (V/H/S).

I’ll keep my readers up to date on this production as it developes!



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