Sodomaniac is an upcoming horror comedy directed by indie director Tony G.  One can only assume what the film is about but it is a brilliant marketing strategy.  Who wouldn’t want to see a film titled Sodomaniac?  I know I do.

Anyway, the film’s Facebook page had this to say about it:

“Sodomaniac, is a no-budget B-movie, bold in title and in comedic vision. It’s a tour de force of guerrilla filmmaking that mixes horror and comedy along with a touch of Gross Out and German underground gore.
The plot of Sodomaniac follows friends and roommates collectively known as “The Wolfpack” – Hamilton, Trent, ‘Prejack,’ Todd, Chauncey, and the new guy, Derrick. “The Wolfpack” are the douches who everyone knows and wants to hang out with, especially Teddy, who wants the guys for himself and Hunter who everyone calls “Cunter”. They get the good times, the good drugs, and the good sex, usually at the backdoor expense of nameless “hot girls” drugged with “Daddies little helpers” – roofies. The collective “Wolfpack” is one giant ID of mindless machismo personified.

Every year “The Wolfpack” throws the biggest house party. This year is no different except for one aspect: it’s also a welcome home orgy party for Blake, newly released from jail.
Derrick, being new to the group, finds out the hard way of the particular peccadillos of his newfound buds when Prejack mistakenly swigs a shot of roofied drink. Prejack is murdered prior to the party, and the remaining, currently living members insist that the party go on over Derrick’s objections. Nothing will stop their plans of drugs, and booze, capped by the piece de resistance, the asses of fine, hot girls. Not their friend’s death and certainly not when they realize two additional members of “The Wolfpack” received mysterious flower bouquets with cryptic notes, just like a bouquet that Prejack receives before he was found dead.

At the height of the party, an unplanned guest known only as the *Butt-Faced Killah* joins what should be “The Wolfpack’s” greatest party ever. Who is this *Butt-Faced Killah*? Perhaps it’s a spurned former prison mate of Blake’s? Is it Teddy, the gay guy who lures hot dudes to his apartment when they themselves are too drunk and helpless to resist? Certainly it’s not Hunter who longs to be a part of the group or maybe it’s that Mexican Kid That Todd Knows From Planned Parenthood? It could even be one of “The Wolfpackers” themselves. Or maybe it’s just some fucked-up motherfucker with a butt-face? Derrick must find out who the killer is, and quickly, as he realizes that “The Wolfpack’s”asses are on the line… literally!”

When more news about the film is revealed I will gladly share it with you beautiful people because I am following this one very closely.  In the mean time please check out the trailer below and then head over to the Facebook page here and give them a like to show your support!


trailer2 from D.I.WHY? films on Vimeo.


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