Watch This (Review)

wtposterDirector(s) – Shawn Burket (Bludgeon), Ryan Stacy (Midsummer Nightmares), and Jesse Kennedy
Starring – Scott Gillespie (Bludgeon), Erin R. Ryan (Easter Casket), and Ayse Howard (The Sleeping Soul)
Release Date – 2013

A few months back Concept Media’s Shawn Burkett hit me with some information about an upcoming anthology film with segments directed by himself, fellow Concept Media co-founder Ryan Stacy, and Jesse Kennedy.  I was unfamiliar with Jesse Kennedy but I was very excited to see what Ryan Stacy and Shawn Burkett had in store for us now.

The film consisted of the segments Woodford County directed by Jesse Kennedy, the segment Summon written by horror hottie Ayse Howard and directed by Shawn Burkett, the third segment is The Way of the Buffalo directed once again by Shawn Burkett, and the final segment is Ladies Night directed by Ryan Stacy.  I have watched and reviewed The Way of the Buffalo before (catch the review here) but I was really excited to see the other shorts.  Burkett was kind enough to send me an online screener to review so thank you good sir!

**Spoiler Alert**The film consists of four segments.  The first segment is Woodford County.  This segment follows a deranged killer that is killing a small community one by one.  The second segment is The Way of the Buffalo and is a found footage film about a sadistic man that idolizes serial killers of the past until the point he starts to stalk and kill his own prey.

The third segment is Ladies Night and follows a group of young girls that decide to party with three guys after becoming lost where things quickly turns bloody.  The final segment is Summon and follows two girls who are madly in love but their local community have shunned them.  They turn to the occult and raise a demon to so they can live the life they want.**Spoiler Alert**


I hate reviewing anthologies and I especially hate reviewing anthologies when each segment is directed by someone different. I love anthologies but I feel that I should separate each segment and give them the proper respect they all deserve.  So lets get down to it.

Woodford County was the weak point of the anthology.  The acting shown a lot of inexperience making the film really hard to follow.  This is another prime example of practice coming in handy.  The story is also something very unoriginal and not delivered very well.  It had potential but fell short.  I am not going to discuss The Way of the Buffalo.  I reviewed it once before and no need to go over that one again.

Ladies Night, the third segment, is easily the high point of the film.  The acting is not the best but does show talent.  Some scenes are better than others when it comes to that aspect.  However, the ladies are extremely beautiful and makes me wonder if I should be moving to the state the director calls home.  Jaw dropping beauty.  The story is one I am sure has been told before but not in this way.  The movie totally catches you off guard with the twist ending and I would love to see a sequel to this one with the lovely young ladies returning.

The final segment, Summon, is another great segment but is way too short.  Right when the story is getting good we get a “to be concluded” logo across the screen.  This one needs to be concluded fucking soon.  The acting is the best in the film and once again we get something nice to look at with Ayse Howard and a scantily clad Erin Ryan as the demon.  This only solidifies that I need to pack up and move to this unknown location overrun with beautiful ladies!  The story is also one that has been told hundreds of times but with a modern twist that fits perfectly with the modern LGBT movement.  Overall, Watch This is a solid anthology filled with deadly beauties, demons, and maniacs.  I highly recommend this solid indie flick!


Written by Blacktooth

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