ParanormalStateCould the hit reality show “Paranormal State” be making a coming back?

Ryan Buell, the founder of the Paranormal Research Society when it was just a club at Penn State University and the face of the “Paranormal State” television show, has officially announced his return to television. Two years ago, the hit A&E show ended a four year run so cast members could pursue other opportunities and because Ryan found himself facing a life-threatening illness.

“Paranormal State” is/was arguably just as popular as SyFy’s “Ghost Hunters,” with premiere ratings hitting two-and-a-half million viewers and all following shows being in the mid to upper millions. The premise of the show followed Mr. Buell and his crew as the confronted paranormal forces haunting families and businesses across America.

With Ryan back in action, one can only wonder if “Paranormal State” will be returning to A&E? And who will return along with him? Will it have the same title? It’s too early to wager any sort of guess, but I know a few reality show fans out there will be stoked for this news.

Read his full announcement below!

Hey guys, I posted this via Twitter but thought I’d share here…

You know, it’s been two years since our last “new” episode of PS. And as you also know, I’ve had to take quite a lot of time off the past year-and-a-half. I haven’t been in a place, health-wise, where I could even consider returning to TV or doing any major projects until now. I spent some time this summer taking meetings in LA and in NYC to see if there was any interest in me returning to TV, and to my surprise, there was/is a ton of interest. Most of them said the same thing, “we’re ready to work with you, just keep focusing on your health and getting better, we are here, ready when you are.”

I asked you guys, back in May and July, how you felt about me/PRS returning to TV, and literally HUNDREDS of THOUSANDS of you responded. Some of you may say, “well duh, what did u expect us to say? No?” To he honest, I didn’t know what to expect. I’ve had to drop the things I was most passionate about in order to focus on my health. And two years is a long time. Perhaps there wouldn’t be any interest. But I’ve been told by many, from old producers to agents, that our show, “Paranormal State,” continues to do well in reruns. And our fan numbers keep growing. You want to know how I feel? I feel blessed. And sometimes, I feel I don’t deserve it. You guys have been so supportive, through the ups and downs. And health-wise, it’s true that I still have a long battle ahead, despite the battles I’ve won against this disease.

But what’s the point of living & fighting if you have nothing to LIVE for? Whether I ultimately like it or not, paranormal investigation is my life’s work. I was doing it before a show and I’ll keep doing it, with or without a show. PS is genuine because we really care about the work. And so, when it comes to returning to TV, I also wanted to make sure I had a good reason for doing so. And it needs to be the right time. Right now is that time. It’s as good as it will ever be. And I want to do it again, because I’m older, (arguably) wiser and have more to offer, hopefully. We changed the world once already, and we can do it again. To come back with something different & once again groundbreaking!

Other things are different also. We’re building a new team, we have new goals and resources that I’ve kept very close to the chest, that only Serg, Eilfie and Chris know about, because we wanted to wait for the right time. So, I am ready to return and I’ve made the decision to once again be open to having a TV crew document our/my lives and our search for the unknown. So, where are we with that? Well, I’ve been dropping some hints here and there. If you’re attentive, you’ll be able to piece the clues together. Bottom line is, we’re about to make a come back. And I have faith that you all will love what we are developing. B/C that’s just as important to me. So there you have it. Yes, we are making the jump to return to TV. And soon I’ll finally be able to reveal more than just a tease!

My suggestion? Dust off those DVD’s, keep watching our Twitters, website & Facebooks for info and most of all: get ready!


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