As finishing touches are being made to its upcoming fourth annual lineup, the PollyGrind Film Festival has announced it is teaming up with Chemical Burn Entertainment for a social media contest that will run September 1 to October 13.

Currently nominated for the Coolest Experimental/Underground Film Festival by, PollyGrind is asking for help spreading news about its event on Twitter or Facebook using the hashtag #PollyXposed. In return, a Glen Burton guitar and DVDs from Chemical Burn, as well as PollyGrind swag, is up for grabs.

“I love social media” PollyGrind founder and director Chad Clinton Freeman said. “Social media has been a huge part of building PollyGrind into what it is. I think this is a cool way to get people excited and talking about everything the festival entails. PollyGrind is about exposing people to films, filmmakers and distributors that are often overlooked until an entity like PollyGrind brings it to their attention.”

The rules of the contest are simple; post on Facebook or Twitter using the hashtag #PollyXposed about anything and everything PollyGrind to possibly win killer prizes.

DVDs for Chemical Burn’s Sloppy the Psychotic and Reality Entertainment’s Paranormal Haunting, and PollyGrind t-shirts, bags, popcorn and shot glasses will go to random posts and Tweets. So the more someone uses the hashtag #PollyXposed the better their chances are to win. The grand prize of a Glen Burton guitar, a mondo DVD and other prizes grab bag, courtesy of Chemical Burn, will go to the most creative post or Tweet.

“Get exposed, be exposed and expose others to the film festival of a different breed,” Freeman said. “We’re looking for photos featuring fan signs, PollyGrind inspired videos or artwork, links to cool indie films and music videos, or just shoutouts to PollyGrind, Chemical Burn or a filmmaker that has a film screening.

More details and 13 post ideas can be found on

An international film festival steeped in artistic freedom, PollyGrind celebrates individuality, diversity, creativity, and empowerment by showcasing the work of filmmakers with defiantly independent visions.

Named one of 2012’s “25 Festivals Worth the Entry Fee” by MovieMaker, PollyGrind has seen its official selections earn distribution deals from LionsGate, Alternative Cinema, Showtime, IFC Midnight, Wild Eye Releasing, Chemical Burn, Hannover House, Troma, Synapse Films, Cult Epics, Autonomy Pictures, and a slew of other outlets.

Wild Eye Releasing will be hosting a panel on distribution at this year’s event and is giving away distribution contracts and consultations to winners.

Chemical Burn, Apprehensive Films and Whacked Movies are additional sponsors.

“PollyGrind is part of a new revolution in indie film, providing a much needed platform for up-and-coming talent making original and compelling films fueled by creativity, ingenuity and resourcefulness,” said Chemical Burn Entertainment CEO Warren Croyle.

An IMDb qualifying event, PollyGrind has been said by to revel “in the bold, the exciting, and the avant garde” and “single-handedly redefined what to expect during the film festival experience.” Past festivals have included concerts, burlesque and art shows, as well as a zombie red carpet walk and cupcake eating contest.

PollyGrind will take place October 9-13 in Las Vegas. During the festival, Freeman plans on having actors from his experimental feature film Project M involved. Freeman hopes to make PollyGrind interactive and a part of his mockumentary that looks at society’s obsession with fame and violence.

As one of the first festivals to screen, embrace, and award the underground gems Slime City Massacre, The Bunny Game, Dear God No!, Road to Hell, Hate Crime, Ratline, The Gruesome Death of Tommy Pistol, and Adam Chaplin: Violent Avenger, PollyGrind “lives to champion underdogs by turning them into beloved sensations,” Withoutabox wrote in this year’s spotlight on the festival.

Before Jen and Sylvia Soska’s American Mary success, their debut Dead Hooker in a Trunk won numerous awards at PollyGrind. Before Calvin Lee Reeder starred in the hit V/H/S or directed The Rambler feature, which premiered at this year’s Sundance Film Festival, he won best director at PollyGrind.

Additionally, Randy Moore’s 2013 Sundance film Escape from Tomorrow was a 2012 official selection and Craig McIntyre’s L.A. Maniac (formerly The Los Angeles Ripper), which is slated to be released this fall by Lloyd Kaufman’s distribution company Troma, played the festival in 2011.

PollyGrind, which is giving away more than $30,000 in prizes and swag this year, was founded in 2010 as a festival that pays homage to the spirit of the highly creative and innovative works of indie film pioneers of the past, such as Herschell Gordon Lewis, Ted V. Mikels and Doris Wishman.

Chemical Burn Entertainment is a distribution company that strives to “bring you the best horror, gore, sexploitation, and genre films from around the globe.” One of their recent releases is Henry Weintraub’s 21st Century Serial Killer (formerly Killing Me), which played PollyGrind in 2012.


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