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If you’re lucky enough to live in the San Francisco Bay area or can get there this coming Halloween season, then by any means necessary, get to one of the only ‘R’ rated haunted houses in the country at Fear Overload Scream Park.  Read more details about the event below!

Fear Overload Scream Park, the SF Bay Area’s only ‘R’ Rated Haunted Houses, returns this October for another horrifying scare season.

From The Press Release

Ranked one of the top haunted houses in America by Haunted Attraction Magazine, FearOverloadScreamPark returns to the Bay Area this October 2013. For the fifth year running, they offer two massive haunted house labyrinths. But these ‘R’ Rated attractions are far different than normal haunted houses. Fear Overload’s owner Nathan Polanco explains, “We had to make it R-Rated, it’s so unspeakably terrifying that we can’t let kids or young teens to go through.” At Fear Overload, customers are given only one dim flashlight to journey through the horror. Nathan promises, “We have created the most jaw-dropping, horrifying haunted houses in all of California. If you show up, you had better fasten your seat belt.”

FearOverloadScreamPark is open most nights starting on September 28th and ending November 2nd from 7pm to late. You can find a complete schedule of dates and times on their website.

In their newest haunted attraction this year, AbusementPark, customers make their own path through the haunted fair grounds of BaylorAmusement Park. Wandering through this once friendly amusement park, they encounter what lurks behind the walls in this horrific place. Polanco explains, “In the Abusement Park, the legend goes that Sally Baker, a local schoolgirl, hanged herself in its bathroom stalls. Ever since then, the fairgrounds have been haunted.” In addition to their advertised light show, music, and gift shop, Fear Overload proves to be the ultimate Halloween experience.

For more information, visit Fear Overload at or call them at 510-730-2221 (tel:510-730-2221).


BayfairCenter (Across from Century Movie Theaters)

15555 East 14th Street

San Leandro, CA94578


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