ids1Shalenn Productions is an indie production company ran by director Cory J. Udler.  His films are known to shock and disgust his fans and for that I highly respect this splatter jockey.  Recently, I brought you news that his film IDS Rising, the third film in his Incest Death Squad trilogy, was now available to rent or purchase through Vimeo.

Just a few day following that announcement, Udler revealed that three more of his films are now available on Vimeo as well.  The films are as followed:

Incest Death Squad

“Filmed in 2009 on a shoestring budget, Cory J. Udler’s controversial “Incest Death Squad” has gained infamy around the world. Not for its excessive use of sex, gore and violence, that goes without saying. But because of the underlying social and political tones and romantic subplot that keeps the film moving.
Aaron Burg (Tom Lodewyck) is sent by his boss (Lloyd Kaufman) to the northwoods of Wisconsin on assignment. There he meets Andrea Stein (Melissa Murphy), a motel owner who may just be harboring a dark secret. Curiosity getting the best of him, Aaron follows some leads on missing tourists that takes him to a place his wildest nightmares could have never imagined.”

Incest Death Squad 2

“Picking up one month after the events of the first film, Incest Death Squad 2 finds Aaron harboring a morbid secret from Andrea, who is harboring a secret from him. Amber, pregnant with Aaron’s “seed” convinces Jeb to go on a roadtrip to see Aaron. What happens is complete blood spattered mayhem.”


“Loosely based on the true story of the “Mediatrix of Peace Shrine” in Necedah, Wisconsin.
The film tells the story of Mary Ann Van Hook, a false spiritualist who is reconnected with a demon from her past. Through his wife, Mary Ann destroys everyone and everything in her path to get revenge.”

Please head over to the links above and check out these crazy flicks and support indie horror!



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