Westboro Baptist Church is a shit stain on American soil and a joke to the religion they pretend to follow.  This so called “church” is nothing more than a cult of closed-minded pecker-heads that follows the biggest peanut in the turd by the name of Fred Phelps.  If you are not familiar with this cult then I recommend checking out the Kevin Smith flick Red State which is loosely based on this group of hate.

I despise this group so much that I am always on the look out for someone to pull a quick one over on the hate mongrels so when I heard that a sleazy punk band shot their own porn scene 0n the front lawn of WBC I had to look into it.  The bassist that rubbed one out in front of God (literally) and anyone else that was lucky enough to walk by was Laura Lush of the California based punk band Get Shot!

The official website for the Get Shot! Girls had this to say about the demonstration of defiance and a big “fuck you” to WBC:

“We stopped by the Westboro Baptist Church while touring the Midwest so our awesome bass player, Laura Lush, could finger bang herself in their yard!!!”

If you want to know more or see the video for yourself then please head over to the Get Shot! Girls website here or click the article source button below!wbc1



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