Horror Society Stories Volume 1 announces winning entries!


October 16, 2013 – After many weeks of deliberation, the final ten short stories have been chosen to become Horror Society Stories Volume 1. Horror Society, the indie horror website ran by Mitchell D. Wells, began seeking short story submissions after readers had asked that freelance writing be included in the many subjects the site promotes. When the submission period concluded, roughly 112 short stories had been received. Original works from almost every state in America, Australia, Canada, Cyprus, England, Germany, and Mexico were received. From house wives, to college professors, to radio DJs, to United States Veterans – everyone had a particular horror story in mind. Finally, the winners can be announced!

The ten winning short stories belong to Aaron Ray Ballard “A Vampire Walks Into A Bar,” David Blackthorn “Dead Ringers,” Bryan Cassiday “The Invisible Enemy,” Canaan Frank “Loaf Divine,” Marc Fitch “Jump $20,” Erik Gustafson “My Lover, My Garden,” Katie Jones “Hair and Teeth,” Ralph Robert Moore “Dogs Want To Eat You,” Angela Pritchett “The Specimen,” and W.B. Stickel “The Lunch Pail.”

Horror Society Stories Volume 1 will be published through Shillow Productions, Michael DeFellipo’s company, in association with Horror Society. Currently, Mr. DeFellipo is formatting and piecing together the anthology book while Manny Serrano from Mass Grave Pictures works on the book cover. Once all is completed, the book will be released through Createspace, Amazon, and Amazon Kindle.

Please keep your eyes fixed to for all the latest developments on this new product. For further inquiries, please contact Michael DeFellipo at

Congratulations to all the winners!

Written by Michael Therkelsen

(Senior Editor)