Quite a Conundrum review


In a time of remakes and knock-offs, this movie really stands on it’s own. It’s original, fun, a little bit quirky, and a whole lot dark. This dark comedy tells the tale of your usual house party gone horribly wrong, in a series of awful mishaps, and one not so stable party guest.

This movie had a great cast of characters. Tabitha was my favorite. She has a sort of awkward charm to her. I felt really bad for Harris, the poor drunk church boy that he was. He just wants to see boobs. The other character I felt bad for was the crazy housewife. Poor lady just wanted answers, instead she gets knocked out, repeatedly.

This film threw me for a loop, in a good way. The story takes a total 180 turn in a matter of seconds, from a happy, slightly ridiculous party, to very very dark. (I choked on my drink, so I’m not kidding, folks) This movie took a shot at some really dark subjects, and did it well.

There really aren’t many dark comedies that I can honestly say I enjoy, but I will be adding this movie to the very short list of ones I like. (Okay so my list is Shaun of the Dead, and this movie..I told you it was a short list) But even through all the darkness and the humor, this film manages to come to a very touching end.

Overall, this movie is very enjoyable and it’s definitely on my list of keepers. Quite a Conundrum is slated for release early next year, so keep your eyes peeled.